The link between Gastritis, IBS and the FODMAP diet (Part 1)
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Over the years, I learned to avoid the foods that I believed made me feel unwell: red bell peppers, sun dried tomatoes, chocolate, coffee, raw onions, oranges — to name a few. But sometimes, even when I hadn’t consumed any of these foods, I still had gastritis symptoms: that pressure around my rib cage, in the stomach area, difficulty breathing at night coming from GERD and mostly major painful bloating. It’s known that stress can provoke pretty much any symptom to the body but to me, it wasn’t adding up in this case. I could be on vacation, feeling extremely happy and I still too often managed to have some type of discomfort. Flash forward to the end of 2018. Having dealt with these issues for far too long, after an endoscopy years earlier, testing for SIBO, celiac’s disease, EKG’s and food intolerance tests (which aren’t supposed to be 100% accurate according to some doctors), I decided to try the FODMAP diet, which was created by the Australian Monash University. Join me in this episode to hear an introduction to the diet and my very positive results. This episode is also available as a blog post:
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This is part 2 of this podcast’s previous FODMAP episode the link between gastritis ibs and fodmaps part 1 -- where we went over the basics of the diet: FODMAP’s are found in certain types of foods, more specifically in certain types of carbohydrates that ferment in your digestive system. In...
Published 04/07/21
In the last episode of this podcast, we talked about a pretty serious topic, starting from the beginning: what is gastritis as well as my own personal story. Today, I want to speak about something positive. Feeling better! In this episode, we’ll talk about supplements, foods and drinks which tend...
Published 03/25/21
Published 03/25/21