Suicidal Thoughts and Reality TV
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With the rise of mental health issues and with suicide becoming a more talked about option how can you cope and what can you do to help others? Do reality TV contestants understand what comes with the fame and the life change over night? Who is responsible for this? 
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Orlaith Mcallister was a contestant on one of the very first Big Brother shows, as well as featuring in other TV shows like Beauty Queen.  She is 42 years old and a mother of two and is no stranger to a breakup. She is now engaged and also a fitness coach. Her goal is to maintain her lifestyle...
Published 07/26/21
My Guest is Leora Lightwoman, a couple's somatic therapist and a Tantra facilitator. She's been working with couples, individuals and groups since 1995, supporting intimacy and trauma resolution Psychology at Oxford University and subsequently trained in couples counseling, body psychotherapy,...
Published 07/21/21