Episode 200. Pools are the devil, most popular bands on Spotify, Riots, heavy heavy
Published 06/01/20
George Floyd, values, signs, stores, decoy ducks are mean
Published 05/28/20
Chain letters, plagues, Eminem, Stallone, cove is your worst ex
Published 05/25/20
Today we have a live interview with the lead singer of Smash Mouth!
Published 05/21/20
Human Condoms, Parking lot booze, Honor killings, Travis
Published 05/19/20
Seinfeld was lucky, I'm sure Michael Jordan was the GOAT of being an A Hole, UFC, Idol? The Voice?
Published 05/18/20
Masks are the devil? And we eat weird food!
Published 05/13/20
What if you didn't have a mother? Rules, entertainment, drug dealers would kill on tiktok
Published 05/11/20
Sports are over forever. Lullaby. Perspective. Watching soup die
Published 05/07/20
May the 4th be with you, don't stab your roommate if they drink too much, Murder Hornet kills mouse, stay sane y'all try and not die
Published 05/04/20
NBA Disney, no more restaurants, dumb people, S
Published 05/01/20
Murder, How to hide a body, stimulus shame, SPORTS! (With Amanda) MEAT RULES
Published 04/28/20
Published 04/28/20
In a world of Zoom Room shows, please don't bring your kid. People who don't pay for comics they book. And NO MORE MEAT!
Published 04/27/20
Walking is the gateway, sounds we all grow into, Vegas is opening?
Published 04/24/20
Donation shaming, no antidote, people are losing their s**t, Brady, drinking, pasta
Published 04/22/20
Where ya gonna go? Canada shooting, movies, the Crown, Blue Face, RIP Norma Parker
Published 04/20/20
Breaking down Ac/DC song, restaurants, Weekend at Bernie Sanderrs, You Will Die Song, and no cliff hanger ending
Published 04/16/20
Stimulus check update, useless businesses, comics that are funny, Rita Wilson has a chocolate neck cyst
Published 04/15/20
XFL, Karma, The N Word, Winona, pretties, babies, teeth, home school shootings
Published 04/13/20
Alyson, Michelle, and I discuss how three totally different people are surviving being paid by the government to watch TV. Plus,
Published 04/10/20
The Easter Bunny is a psychopath, Possee's of death, the rain, Tom Brady hates his wife, And Quaran Terantino
Published 04/08/20
I saw tigers, rock n' roll rumors, rambling, death, life, and all how to fix yourself if you get sick (I mean, according to JK Rowlings twitter)
Published 04/07/20
Long Live Adam Schlesinger, covered in ketchup, other things, spitter killer, 100 million donation is cool, but... Michelle stops by and has a wardrobe malfunction with her
Published 04/03/20
Mike Wolters calls in again and we discuss, the coreys, death of entertainment, and soup from Arizona
Published 04/01/20