Are there actually any heroes? Rappers I learned about. Jonah Hill Skinny vs Not
Published 11/18/21
Published 11/18/21
Rittenhouse: Shut it. Lions: their whole life is a tie. Taylor Swift: Nope. Scorpion attack!
Published 11/16/21
Maronzio Vance, who makes me laugh always, and I nerd out about comedy.
Published 11/10/21
Dancering goddess and educator Amy Morgan, White Oprah and I get to the bottom finally
Published 11/06/21
White Oprah, @mikefromdetroit and I discuss the hard facts
Published 11/06/21
Actress Christina Elizabeth Smith, White O and I all get meta
Published 11/06/21
Detroit radio legends Gregg and Michelle chop it up with white Oprah and I. So fun
Published 10/21/21
White O and I discuss Halloween I think, fat, 007, and things
Published 10/15/21
TV show producer and comedy bad ass Renee Gauthier discuss stuff. Oh and we found that guy who is missing
Published 09/22/21
Comedian, Game show (Street Smarts) and podcast show host (Krush House Sports Gambling Pod) Frank Nicotero, White Amy and I discuss the things everyone won't
Published 09/21/21
White O, SI Swimsuit Model Chelsea Heath, and I discuss double murder, missing bloggers, crying and Duck Dynasty
Published 09/16/21
EPISODE 300!!!! With LA Comedy booker legend Richard Barrett We talk Comedy and Magic Club and Jay Leno, Shandling and for Amanda Vought, we talk sports!
Published 09/16/21
Greg Otto, White Oprah and I discuss magic, Mexico, F U Money and hidden secrets!
Published 09/10/21
Death, drugs, parties, exclusive secret episode of truth. White Oprah back next episode
Published 09/07/21
Most podcasts are huge because they have an opinion. I try to see both sides. Not today, I'm coming in hot!
Published 09/02/21
Dave Landau is so funny! White Oprah and topics!!! Fun episode
Published 08/27/21
295 White Oprah, Mike Richards, Mask rampage, other stuff
Published 08/20/21
Late night Chat with Joshua Mann and Sunkrish. New Jeopardy host. Totally improvised. You're welcome and I'm sorry.
Published 08/20/21
293, The downfall of D Vought to Veganism, Olympic sex beds, life White Oprah
Published 07/22/21
The return of White Oprah. Amy and I discuss All of the things
Published 07/15/21
Me in Vegas. Misheard lyrics, mindless babble and
Published 07/13/21
White Oprah and I chatter with TV producer bad ass and Grosse Isle native Genna Gintzig! F&F the musical, lip syncing, warning labels etc
Published 07/06/21
289 with Author @iamjenlieberman and White Oprah. We talk the talk about cinema
Published 06/25/21
Funny friend Gary Cannon, White Oprah and I discuss hunger strikes for stuff, Liberty Ohio, Condoms, and life
Published 06/19/21