Exclusive interview with Jay from TDC, Presidential predictions, a cool moment, Hey Dummy, the fear that is the lollipop guild and -
Published 02/26/20
John Oates banged 7000 people, Seger, Human Jerky, Harrison Ford Wins, 20 movies you're supposed to get excited about, but I kinda get bored with. A brave 9 year old.
Published 02/25/20
Heroin Has a Detroit Cast. Going back to every day while my brother Mike is on the mend. Pardon my terrible impressions (meant with love and respect) of Jay and Eric. Music videos, failing to win, and -
Published 02/24/20
Spaghetti brain, the den debate, albums that have been out for 50 years, and gum.
Published 02/20/20
Backlash? Bob Seger if he were country? Murder, bad jokes, good jokes, Nintendo pop up shops, knock knock.
Published 02/18/20
Pina Colada song, the blessing and prison of being a one-hit wonder, reclining, and -
Published 02/17/20
My brave friend @hannahabeel discusses the trickiness of navigating through Hollywood as a young woman, surviving assault, depression, as always burping and -
Published 02/13/20
How to properly murder and not get caught. Ego, silly brains, and Keith from -
Published 02/12/20
"#OscarsSoTheSame, why it's a cool thing when new people win, Michigan is unhealthy, and why it's okay for babies to carry guns.
Published 02/11/20
Politics are just entertainment, death wishing, prostitute at the gas station, and -
Published 02/06/20
Rules are F'd, but ... tribute band idea, sex with weapons, a puppy gets eaten by kittens, and maybe none of that.
Published 02/05/20
Why do dudes only want to watch what we've already watched, unsolved Michigan murders, beyond beef, foul balls, and you should watch "Cheer" on Netflix. Unless -
Published 01/30/20
Things people hate about Michigan, I write a Kid Rock song, behind the scenes reality garb, me losing my train of thought a few times, but -
Published 01/29/20
We all react differently to death. Also, there is a difference between too soon and an A Hole when it comes to jokes. Best hamburger, the Grammys and -
Published 01/28/20
Star of HGTV's "Rehab Addict" Nicole Curtis stops by and we talk about the D, worst sounds in the world, her show, building in the Mitten, and more. Really funny episode.
Published 01/23/20
Nostalgia is F'd, but we ... And Detroit J is back talking about wellness, oils, and calls me out for hating on Greta Van Fleet forever. Guilty. Can you still be positive and think GVF sucks? I think so.
Published 01/22/20
More behind the scenes stuff, parents are F'd when it comes to sports, Aerosmith is a dick, puppies, babies, dumb people a -
Published 01/22/20
Comedians and mental health it's F'd, but like ... you know. With psychotherapist @marandabarskey
Published 01/20/20
What happens when a joke goes really really bad, and chatting with Air Force hero and comedy rock God @vincentoshana Plus, do you care, a -
Published 01/16/20
Insecurity, Will Smith, cool article, ear worms, a lemon in auditions, blame, jealousy, and the answer.
Published 01/14/20
Scars, how they are fun to earn, embracing and enjoying even the s****y things, vagina candles, penis soups, and Mittens. Oscar snubs? No such thing.
Published 01/14/20
Great catch up with The Homey and horror movie star @misssarahbutler star of "I Spit On Your Grave" and a zillion Lifetime movies. Plus, movie behind the scenes stuff, being fooled by a movie trailer, what will be obsolete in 5 years, and as -
Published 01/09/20
Chinese Food is F'd, but... Also, cheating, me and George Clooney bond, epic is a dumb word, condoms, insomnia, click bait. And I break down how you age out of being a pig. And as far as the -
Published 01/07/20
First Ep of 20/20! Globes, Bye Milk, Bye Brady, Bye Hot Girl Pics, Trans Super Hero, Bachelor, Death, suicide, Middle East Dead Guy, New people, Support, Positivity, Share this!
Published 01/06/20
New Year Who Dis, Pepsi's questionable new slogan, remakes, 50!, life - Welcome back!
Published 01/02/20