Another visit with actress and hug slut Bre Wing talking about life since her success in the Once Upon A Time in Hollywood movie. And being a hug slut in middle school.
Published 08/03/20
Suicide girl and nutritionist Korbi Kay stops by to talk about behind the scenes of a suicide hotline and the food in my kitchen is the devil
Published 07/31/20
Interview with Head of Live Nation Asia and then a really long title, Jason Miller and I discuss concerts, and the state of the music biz
Published 07/29/20
Snacks that will never let you down, other news, and money info just ask Post Malone
Published 07/28/20
Jim Carrey is out there, police ordered lockdown, Winn Dixie, Dollar Tree
Published 07/22/20
Trump and masks are the same, Chuck Woolery, Nick Cannon hates jews (Allegedly)
Published 07/17/20
215, weird deaths, sneaky billers, take my data
Published 07/14/20
Comedy is dead for 2020 - Podcasts are the only hope for stand up - Covid stuff/science quiz!
Published 07/08/20
This is me tired and raw tired from the road etc. Kanye, Jimmy Johns, Covid House, etc
Published 07/07/20
Of course his friends knew! Blocking A Holes, runaway train brain, anger, and like a million other things. I'm sorry I swore so much.
Published 06/30/20
Everyone is creepy. Everyone. Plus Spectrum can eat my balls.
Published 06/28/20
Cancel culture is absurd, or is it? The climate in the LA comedy may be shifting or, maybe not. Who knows.... Someone probably
Published 06/25/20
Great times at 2 am with Nicole Curtis from HGTV, Mike Wolters from the Detroit Cast, and Michelle Dion. Full unedited version on https://www.facebook.com/heroinhas
Published 06/22/20
This was the episode with the things and stuff
Published 06/18/20
20,000 cancer causes, stuff things and it's kind of a good episode
Published 06/18/20
Stand up is back, Social Medea (Not a typo) Howard Stern will get Ted Danson in trouble.
Published 06/16/20
205, names, and Ego, summer songs, Pizza, hope, crisis opportunities
Published 06/12/20
I'm going to miss Corey Hall. Soda is poison. And most popular FF restaurants.
Published 06/09/20
Apologies, protests, the lottery win that is a Geico commercial.
Published 06/07/20
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. In Quarantine. For 14 days. Drew Brees is a dummy, and Allyson gets real
Published 06/05/20
Salad bars, marches, violence, rubber bullets, soups
Published 06/03/20
Episode 200. Pools are the devil, most popular bands on Spotify, Riots, heavy heavy
Published 06/01/20
George Floyd, values, signs, stores, decoy ducks are mean
Published 05/28/20
Chain letters, plagues, Eminem, Stallone, cove is your worst ex
Published 05/25/20
Today we have a live interview with the lead singer of Smash Mouth!
Published 05/21/20