My Bear Grylls experience and Going Viral...
Published 12/01/22
348 White O and I discuss Detroit Halloween
Published 10/28/22
Published 10/28/22
Heroin 347 - Me Alone on why I was banned and the soon return of White O
Published 10/12/22
White O and I solve a crime 
Published 08/12/22
345 with Host of the new show Hotties on Hulu and the Soup and every commercial Jade Catta-Preta
Published 08/11/22
Heroin 344. More Joke TV Behind the scenes stuff
Published 07/28/22
343. Should we be shooting homeless people?
Published 07/21/22
White O talks Roe v Wade and I am positive my upstairs neighbor is a murderer
Published 07/02/22
What's it gonna take to riot? Fat shaming hecklers, and life White O is here
Published 06/23/22
Heroin 340 White Oprah and I figure out all the things.
Published 06/16/22
Me emptying my head Happy Harry H****n, other topics. Hi
Published 06/13/22
Maronzio Vance & I cut it up about things
Published 06/06/22
Heroin 337, Goodbye to my dad, and other talking points
Published 06/02/22
336. Guns, Roses, banning roses, good chat White O and I disagree
Published 05/26/22
Heroin 335 R V W McFlurrys, old guy stuff white Oprah
Published 05/19/22
My special, Steve Taylor 3 album, life, love, and being attacked by your hero
Published 05/08/22
333 even though I said 332 again. Oj, Russian War is baseball, How would you fill in your death sentence?
Published 04/16/22
CojoCar, Mike Wolters, White Oprah, etc
Published 04/06/22
Heroin 331 Late night chatting with Josh Mann. Lotsa stuff, some beers, and a good time
Published 03/31/22
Heroin 330 White O and I catch up. Plus things!
Published 03/25/22
Me remembering how to pod. Welcome back
Published 03/22/22
Voice over God, and accidental muse for Fight Club, Rob Paulson
Published 02/15/22
Acting coach and producer/director Michelle Danner
Published 02/14/22
Maronzio Vance and I compare my beard to Detroit, Rogan, Super Bowl, Cincinnati is the G league of Detroit
Published 02/09/22