Heroin Has A Great Publicist - Ep 151
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How to properly murder and not get caught. Ego, silly brains, and Keith from -
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Exclusive interview with Jay from TDC, Presidential predictions, a cool moment, Hey Dummy, the fear that is the lollipop guild and -
Published 02/26/20
John Oates banged 7000 people, Seger, Human Jerky, Harrison Ford Wins, 20 movies you're supposed to get excited about, but I kinda get bored with. A brave 9 year old.
Published 02/25/20
Heroin Has a Detroit Cast. Going back to every day while my brother Mike is on the mend. Pardon my terrible impressions (meant with love and respect) of Jay and Eric. Music videos, failing to win, and -
Published 02/24/20