Zach Lowe joins John and Nate to draft the star players we think are most likely to be on another team 18 months from now at the start of the 2025-26 season. Plus, John and Nate set the playoff field in the West and discuss the future of the teams we’ve eliminated.
Published 04/09/24
A special 3-man pod with John, Danny, and Nate discusses the best players in the NBA. Where do Giannis, Jokic, LeBron, Shai, Steph, Luka, Tatum, KD, Kawhi, Edwards, AD, Brunson, and the rest of the All-NBA talents come in on the eve of a playoffs that will prove us all wrong?
Published 03/29/24
John and Nate pick the NBA’s best passer, dunker, floater game, handle, and athlete. Then we rule an Eastern Conference team that doesn’t have their draft picks from ‘25 to ‘27 and will be looking to trade a point guard this season out of the playoffs, and discuss what they can do going forward. Plus, what does John think of the NBA moving the draft to 2 nights as a former executive?
Published 03/14/24
It’s time to look at the best coaches in the NBA. What are the ways to evaluate a coach? How do the young wunderkinder stack up against the established playoff coaches? John and Nate look at the best coaches in the league. Plus, we each eliminate another team from the playoffs and take stock of their organizations.
Published 02/29/24
John and Nate look back on perhaps the biggest trade deadline ever to evaluate all these transactions a year on. How do the KD and Kyrie deals look, and would we have still done them as both teams? Who won the Westbrook/Conley/Russell swap? How have the trading trends evolved since this year? And which acquisitions actually fortified playoff teams?
Published 02/14/24
John and Nate start by discussing the pros and cons of the Siakam trade. Would we ultimately have done the deal knowing his likely contract expectations? Then, we scrape the bottom of the Joe Johnson Memorial Barrel to fill out our East All-Star teams, before we wrack our brains on how to limit ourselves to 12 in the West.
Published 01/23/24
John and Nate discuss: The Memphis Grizzlies’ future now that injuries have officially wrecked their season. Theories on why this year’s bad teams are worse than any other year’s bad teams. What the Knicks might be looking for with Quentin Grimes available and the Magic for Wendell Carter or Markelle Fultz. Also, what team could most use Dejounte Murray? What other available players could potentially help a playoff team?
Published 01/17/24
John reports back from the G-League showcase. Who stood out among roster players and the G-League Ignite? Then we rule 2 teams out of the playoffs (guess who!) and discuss what their struggles this season mean for their futures. Finally, we start to assess the trade market. Which teams are willing to move important players? And would the Jazz really trade Lauri Markkanen?
Published 12/28/23
The "Piñata Tier," as John likes to call them, is the subject of our final installment of the organization rankings including the bottom 12 teams. John and Nate examine each team’s organizational resume and determine which they’d most (and least) want running their team. Which team will claim the coveted 29th spot?!
Published 12/13/23
A former executive and someone who will never be one are definitely the most qualified people to evaluate NBA organizations! But if we don’t do it, who will? We examine each team’s organizational resume and determine which we’d most want running our team if we were fans.
Published 12/01/23
John BLOWS OUT YOUR EARDRUMS with the panic alarm. Which front offices and fan bases should be DESPAIRING over their teams’ performance so far this season. But first, we take stock of the first couple weeks of NBA Cup play and discuss what’s worked and what could be improved. Plus, we somehow manage to find a team to rule out of the playoffs.
Published 11/15/23
The Sixers and Clippers stared each other down for 4 months, until a deal was finally done a week into the season. What changed to finally get this over the finish line? John and Nate also hit on how good this Clippers team is, the price that was ultimately paid to get the deal done, and what could be next up both teams’ sleeves to address the remaining holes on the roster. Then we give some early impressions and concerns from the first week of the year.
Published 11/01/23
John and Nate discuss the latest with James Harden leaving the Sixers and predict how the situation will play out. Then, a look at our picks for biggest over- and underachievers, our most difficult to predict teams this year, and our thoughts on the best and worst offenses in the NBA this season.
Published 10/19/23
With the whole saga now in hindsight, John and Nate apply their 20/20 vision to how this worked out for the Bucks, Celtics, Blazers, and everyone who missed out on Dame and Jrue. Were the Bucks somewhat hoisted on their own petard with their insistence on secrecy? Plus, why Nate thinks it’s possible that James Harden will still be on the Sixers past the trade deadline, and John and Nate evaluate the Devin Vassell extension and what it means for the market.
Published 10/05/23
John and Nate look at the latest news, including Kelly Oubre’s signing in Philadelphia and whether it makes sense for the Pacers to trade Buddy Hield. Then, we continue with more great mailbag questions: Players we expect to have big leaps in output this year The team whose offseason looks good now but could blow up in their faces Do owners who are more involved hurt their teams? Who would have the best package in a trade for Joel Embiid? Which of the league’s top-20 players are most likely...
Published 09/26/23
We start with the topics du jour: discussion of Team USA’s disastrous World Cup; the league’s new resting policy and its effects, Kevin Porter, Jr.’s arrest for domestic violence, Trey Murphy III’s injury, and the Lakers signing Christian Wood. Then, more great mailbag questions: What are the best skill improvements we’ve seen? When should a team rebuild, go all-in, or something in between? And, a long discussion on who is the GOAT GM?
Published 09/15/23
It’s about time to find out what’s on our listeners’ minds via a late summer mailbag. We’ve got some great questions: What do we think of the Knicks lawsuit vs the Raptors? How about the NBA fining James Harden $100,000? How secure are “wink-wink” deals? Is it possible each of the top-5 teams in the East is worse next year? Which stars make a sum greater than their parts? Which year will Luka be the top player in the league, if ever? Who would be the best fitting big for the Lakers to...
Published 08/31/23
John and Nate lock in on everything that took place in Las Vegas during NBA Summer League, and answer the following questions: Who will be the best rookie this year, and who will have the best career? Who changed your opinion the most for the better? Most disappointing player “I nailed this one,” guys who looked exactly like you thought they would Who are you worried about? Best defensive player? Best rookie in the 2nd half of the first round? Best “sleeper,” i.e. 2nd round or...
Published 07/28/23
John and Nate review the signings of 2023 and pick: Best Contract Worst contract Most surprising contract Best minimum signing Best Exception signing Boom or Bust? Most impactful signing for 2022-23 Most impactful long-term signing Best under the radar signing And, most importantly, we pick our best meal in Vegas.
Published 07/13/23
H&D: Free Agency Tour de ForceJohn and Nate discuss the big initial trends of free agency, focusing on the big cap space teams. How would we rank Detroit, Houston, Indiana, Oklahoma City, Orlando, San Antonio, Sacramento, and Utah for how their cap space flexibility was used. We also have debates on the Jerami Grant contract, the Dillon Brooks contract, the Domantas Sabonis renegotiation and extension, and much more, including a live reaction to Miles Bridges taking the qualifying...
Published 07/03/23
John and Nate have quite different takes on the Bradley Beal trade, with John not being a fan and Nate liking it. Then a big discussion of the NBA draft as they each give their top-10 on their board. All the big questions are definitively answered, including what the Hornets should do at 2, what to make of raw high-upside guys like Cam Whitmore and the Thompson twins, which of Jarace Walker and Taylor Hendricks is a better power forward prospect, plus John’s sleepers for later in the draft.
Published 06/20/23
John and Nate continue last week’s discussion as we cover all of the veteran extension candidates throughout the league, such as Anthony Davis, Donovan Mitchell, Jamal Murray, Dejounte Murray, Lauri Markkanen, Giannis Antetokounmpo, DeMar DeRozan, Klay Thompson, and more. We also get into an extensive analysis of what Golden State can do to reduce their luxury tax bill and how Michael Winger should approach Kristaps Porzingis’ free agency in Washington.
Published 06/07/23