Published 02/16/24
The genius comedian Brent Sullivan joins us from DTLA to talk travel, traditional family atheism, Hinge, Air Disasters, and Christian rock.
Published 02/16/24
It’s a family affair, as Matt & Dave finally reconnect in a fresh new year that’s already 10% over. And what a year it’s been: new dogs, old Swans, hometowns, Ordinary Joes, Mean Girls, Los Angeles driving challenges, movie theater bag crinkulations, 8th grade financial literacy courses, We Are The World, and a full hailstorm of names to drop. 
Published 02/09/24
Drag Race All Star Ginger Minj is here to share her Ursula origin story, her hot takes on the current Drag Race cast, and her efforts to connect with Ron DeSantis. Don't miss her show "The Broads Way" at Green Room 42 in NYC February 10-12, and grab your copy of her memoir "Southern Fried Sass" now! 
Published 02/02/24
We have a special bonus treat for you this week! This is my episode of the new podcast, Tell Me Everything, hosted by the fabulous Liam Gareau. Every week, guests bring on their 3 favorite things from pop culture. I brought The Wizard of Oz (can you believe nobody else had yet?!), The Leftovers, and the documentary, Beckham. It was such a fun chat talking about these things that mean so much to me. If you enjoy, you can check out the show's instagram @tellliameverything for more content, and...
Published 01/31/24
Writer and director of the instant classic All Of Us Strangers (and Weekend, and HBO’s Looking, and much more) Andrew Haigh takes a break from a packed awards season to talk about the joyous queerness of mid-‘80s pop music, the useful loneliness of the queer experience, the link between parental love and romantic love, and- AFTER A BREAK, DON’T SAY YOU WEREN’T WARNED- what’s going on in this beautiful, devastating movie. Also: Max Richter, Hercules and Love Affair, and Harry & Meghan.
Published 01/26/24
He’s written for The Golden Girls, Roseanne, and Gilmore Girls to name but three, and now Stan Zimmerman is here to talk about his new book The Girls: From Golden to Gilmore. Plus: life as an 11-year-old network executive, creating a Russian Roseanne, Love, Sidney, the importance of journaling, the healing power of live theater, the dream Lifetime sitcom that wasn’t, and Ladies of the ‘80s: A Divas Christmas, the dream Lifetime movie that was. 
Published 01/19/24
Icon in the making Lio Mehiel joins us to talk about their new movie MUTT, streaming now on Netflix. Also: FX’s The Bear and the Buffalo Wild Wings trauma it resurfaces, life as a child Broadway star, Maya Hawke as Nepo Ideal, feeling desirable, and making a film with moments that have never been seen on screen before. 
Published 01/12/24
Happy New Year, Homophiacs! We're ringing in 2024 with Tony-winner Matt Doyle, who shares tales of crying in Patti Lupone's arms backstage, getting the stamp of approval from Tina Sinatra, meeting his soon-to-be-husband Max Claytor in line at Starbucks, and battling anxiety on Broadway.
Published 01/05/24
Please join us in giving icon Daniel Franzese a warm holiday welcome to the World of Wonder fam! To celebrate his podcast "Yass, Jesus"! joining the WOW Podcast Network, Danny literally takes us to church, with spiritual sermons on everything from his experience with conversion therapy to the gayest stories in the Bible. 
Published 12/29/23
Our pal Michael Kennedy is back for a holiday horror spectacular! We go deep on the gift of sobriety, his unique path to screenwriting success, the recent drama surrounding the Scream movies, and much more. His new movie, It's a Wonderful Knife, is a total blast. And it's now available on Shudder, AMC+, and VOD!
Published 12/22/23
This week, we're joined by filmmakers Melinda Maerker & David Clayton Miller. We get into everything from religion to parenting to all the good shows that start with a "B." Don't miss Melinda and David's must-see new documentary, "We Live Here: The Midwest," streaming on Hulu starting December 6th.
Published 12/15/23
Broadway veteran, Sirius XM host, and Bravo royalty John Hill is here at last. He gives great chat on his holiday plans, Housewives, pickleball, mental health, his relationship with Sir Andy Cohen, and The Artist's Way. Don't miss his solo musical, Wellness Check, at NYC’s The Green Room 42 on December 11 and in Los Angeles December 22.
Published 12/08/23
Returning champion and fan fave Brian Moylan is back for what is either his 5th or 37th appearance on Homophilia! Brian has done his homework, as always, and you're welcome! He's here to dish on his adventures at BravoCon in Vegas, from hanging with Housewives to Grindr chats. Plus: NYC glory hole memories!
Published 12/01/23
Here’s something to be grateful for: Our beloved Bryan Safi has returned to regale us with skin care tips, holiday hacks, and so much more. We finally ask him the questions we keep forgetting to ask. And, as always with Bryan, the answers are explosive. We hope to the gods you’re already listening to him on “Ask Ronna with Ronna (and Bryan)” and “Attitudes.” 
Published 11/24/23
Are you ready to go for it? Friend of the show, living legend, and current toast of New York City Drew Droege returns to talk about his role as Celine Dion’s recollection of Frances Fisher as Kate Winslet’s mother in the off-Broadway sensation Titanique!! (First exclamation point is in the actual title of the show, the second is an expression of our own excitement!) Also, life in New York City, Spamalot, Merrily We Roll Along, the full-scale emotional devastation of All Of Us Strangers, and...
Published 11/17/23
It's still Halloween over here at Homophilia, especially since we're graced by Nay Bever! She's an artist, writer, horror queen, and co-producer/series consultant for QUEER FOR FEAR (now streaming on Shudder and AMC+). We talk old horror, new horror, relationship horror... and we just have a real nice time. And so will you. 
Published 11/10/23
Writer, delight, and host of the excellent new podcast "Tell Me Everything" Liam Gareau joins Matt for a deep and dishy 1-on-1 therapy session/gossipy hang/spiritual exorcism. Liam shares his brilliant takes on the enduring power of Linda Ronstadt, sloughing off the old "struggling artist/waiter" identity, how to have the perfect breakup, the meaning of Madonna, and SO. MUCH. MORE. Subscribe to "Tell Me Everything" wherever you get your pods!
Published 11/03/23
It’s a family affair as Matt & Dave talk Teen Witch, Britney’s memoir, and an unexpected Trolls 3 promotional opportunity…and then, as in any productive therapy session, things get deep and honest and enlightening when you least expect it.
Published 10/27/23
Messy White Gays actor, The Grind dancer, and long-standing dream guest Pete Zias joins us from a hotel room lit by candlelight and the setting October Brooklyn sun to talk about his absolutely crucial Instagram Live show (and podcast!) Total Trash. Plus: Britney’s memoir, Jamie Lynn’s Dancing With The Stars flop, a life informed by tabloids, the dominance of the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan scandal across all four sections of USA Today, the view from the pit at the 1997 Video Music Awards,...
Published 10/20/23
The author of The Queer Film Guide joins us to talk queer horror, Cruising, May December, Gregg Araki, Bringing Up Baby, De-Lovely, why the original Scream films are better, why standup within movies generally stinks, the meaning of the Saw series, getting into To Wong Foo at age 7, Dylan Adler, Jes Tom, the new RHONY, The Golden Bachelor, and the brilliant evil of both Milf Manor and Mary Cosby.
Published 10/13/23
Actress, ally, and Real Housewife of Orange County Heather Dubrow joins us to dish on her castmates, her new home in LA, and her scheduled breakdown in Cabo (with an assist from Richard Marx). In our surprisingly candid conversation, Heather opens up about the gift of having queer children, the fear that comes with returning to acting, her longtime friendship with Jenny McCarthy, and the pain of being this season's scapegoat. We also chat about Terry's recent health scare, with a special...
Published 10/06/23
Hilarious, handsome, and the star of most of the shows you watch Johnny Sibilly joins us to talk about getting offline, standing in your power even when you are standing next to Oprah, nearly sharing a B-Day with Beyonce, crush playlists, Olivia Rodrigo leading the children back to an Ashlee Simpson moment, a strike routine that involves morning Housewives consumption, Shannon Beador’s Pee-Wee Hermanesque DUI, consciously uncoupling and becoming friends with an ex, and the ways he vets a...
Published 09/29/23
Comedy writer (The Sex Lives of College Girls, New Girl, Kroll Show, hey, go on IMDB and pack a lunch) and sculptor of tiny foods Sarah Tapscott joins us at the exact right hour of the morning for maximum coffee sweats to talk about Celsius, the WGA strike as a second Covid, her dog Professor Gordon Meringue, writing poetry, coming out in your 30s and the sequel to your adolescence that that entails, Muna, Tegan & Sara, boygenius, Orlando (the book and play, not the city in Florida nor...
Published 09/22/23
On the eve of the release of their sixth album Love Lines, LP joins us from vacation in the Cayman Islands to talk about the importance of Jeff Buckley, the not-badness of the new Rolling Stones single, the bewildering but undeniable appeal of Post Malone, snorkeling vs. paddle boarding, Leonard Cohen, their thoughts on religion, and life in a Rihanna songwriting camp. Grab a frozen cocktail and dive in. 
Published 09/15/23