#5 GALAHAD CLARK - Vivobarefoot Co-Founder & CEO, on happy feet, combining ancient wisdom with modern technology and belief in what you do.
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Galahad is a 7th generation shoemaker. As a teenager, he spent summer holidays on various shoe production lines in Europe and Asia learning the family’s trade. After finishing school, he went to America on a Morehead scholarship to study Chinese and Anthropology. While there he founded Students 4 Students International an organisation created to help disadvantaged students in Africa go to the best secondary schools and onto university. In 2003, lured by the Wu Tang Clan wearing Wallabees, Galahad started his first shoe project: “Wu Shoes”. From there he went on to launch United Nude (high end architectural shoes), Worn Again (a closed loop green technology business) and Vivobarefoot (@vivobarefoot), where he now focuses his energies. WE TALK ABOUT Finding inspiration through travel /// Combining ancient wisdom with modern technology /// being on the verge of bankruptcy /// The science of ‘barefoot’ /// The link between feet and brain vitality /// Remaining enthusiastic in the face of failure /// Our link to nature /// How wearing bad shoes can be paralleled to smoking cigarettes /// How belief can keep you going SHOW NOTES Quotes and references can all be found at www.honestlyunbalanced.com CODE ADAMHUSLERVB GETS 10% OFF VIVOBAREFOOT WEBSITE
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