#6 KEVIN BOYLE - Irish Yoga teacher and Podcast Host on persistence, early morning productivity and the power of napping
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Kevin Boyle (@KevinBoyleYoga) is a Dublin based yoga teacher. He leads the teacher training at YogaHub and is the creator and host of The Yoga Life Podcast. Having spent most of his 20s partying, it took a family intervention for Kevin to realise that his health was deteriorating. He found yoga at age 30, started his 200-hour at 34, was made redundant from his office job at 35 and hasn't looked back since. WE TALK ABOUT The power of napping /// Productive early mornings /// Self-discipline /// The journey from a party boy to a yoga teacher /// Having resilience and persistence, and doing what it takes /// The powerful combination of natural charisma and hard work /// The challenge of spending a lot of time alone as a yoga teacher /// Assuming that you’ll get a teaching job straight after a 200hr training /// The balance between work and rest SHOW NOTES Quotes and references can all be found at www.honestlyunbalanced.com AFFILIATE CODE AHUSLER19 GETS YOU 10% OFF LIFORME YOGA MATS YOUR HOSTS Adam Husler and Holly Husler
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