#9 ELLA WROATH - Soul Circus Festival Co-Founder and Travelling Mother, on helping others shine, pregnancy inspiring creativity and taking risks
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Ella Wroath (@ellawroathsoulcircus) has squeezed a huge amount in to her decade in the wellness industry. Teaching yoga developed in to opening a Cheltenham yoga studio Ella & Fleur Hot Yoga yoga studio, whilst pregnant. The next adventure came in launching the hugely popular wellness festival Soul Circus (@soulcircusfetival), again while pregnant! Since then she’s managed the growing yearly festival with her husband, whilst traveling the world with her young family! WE TALK ABOUT Travelling the world with children and working with family /// Burn-out from business-building /// Pregnancy inspiring creativity /// Creating a festival /// Opening a yoga studio /// How taking risks and facing fears brings rewards /// Worrying what others think and self-doubt /// Creating community and helping others to shine /// The challenges of bringing a vision to life /// Making a difference with what you do /// Not do what other people expect you to do SHOW NOTES Quotes and references can all be found at www.honestlyunbalanced.com AFFILIATE CODE AHUSLER19 GETS YOU 10% OFF LIFORME YOGA MATS THE HOSTS Adam Husler (@adamhusler) and Holly Husler (iamhollyhusler)
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