#20 DARREN JAMES - Yoga teacher, DJ and Performer
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Darren James’ (@DJDarrenJamesmusic) raison d’etre is holding space for joy through Yoga, Music and Performance. Yoga has been integral to his life the past 10 years and it is one of his great life loves and purposes to share this magical practice with his teaching. Festivals, Studios and international spaces, It is always a privilege to roll out the mat and connect to others, ourselves and source. As a DJ and Entertainer he has played at palaces, festivals, clubs, castles, upon oceans and stages across the globe for showbiz glitterati and the most discerning of musical ears.Bouncy fun interactive high vibe times are a guarantee on the dance floor with sacred silliness being the order of the day! WHAT WE CHAT ABOUT The challenges of growing up as a gay man in a small Northern mining town ///// Understanding gender fluidity ///// Experiencing homophobia and handling judgment /////Cognitive behavioural therapy as a tool to rewire destructive thoughts ///// Stepping into fear and finding growth there ///// Approaching life with joy, playfulness and ‘sacred silliness’ ///// Embracing the feminine energy as a man ///// Finding yoga, therapy and sobriety as powerful tools for deep inner work ///// Naming the voices in our head and not disowning any of them ///// The power of just being yourself in business SHOW NOTES Quotes and references can all be found at www.honestlyunbalanced.com AFFILIATE CODE THEHUSLERS GETS YOU 10% OFF LIFORME YOGA MATS THE HOSTS @adamhusler - Drawing from a variety of lives lived off the mat, Adam Husler brings a unique perspective to those who seek more from yoga than making pretty shapes. He offers creative, effective and clearly-sequenced teachings that focus on balancing flexibility and strength; physically and mentally. Educated by globally renown teachers, including Jason Crandell and Michael Stone, Adam specialises in a signature style of Alignment-Based Vinyasa— fuelled by a fascination with anatomy and a desire to ask ‘why?’. Based in London, Adam teaches a robust schedule in one of the worlds top yoga studios, Triyoga, and world leading gym, Equinox. On top of this, Adam leads workshops, trainings and teaches festivals continuously around the world, leaving him with thousands of teaching hours under his belt and plenty of appearances in national and international media. @iamhollyhusler - From belting out original pop tunes at the London O2 stage to 20,000 people, whilst supporting Westlife, to singing healing mantras and playing magical instruments, to seas of sleeping yogis, at events and studios across the globe; Holly’s journey has led to a deep desire to help people find conscious connection and their own inner peace. The Huslers have online platform for yoga classes, sound journeys, meditations and more. Explore at thehuslers.com
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