#34 KIM HARTWELL - Movement Coach, PT, ClImber, Yoga Teacher and Model
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Kim Hartwell (@kimhartwell) is a personal trainer, movement coach, yoga teacher, rock climber and avid nature lover. Her classes fuse biomechanics and yoga flow, so you can feel empowered to do what you love for longer. She is also the founder of Rock & Soul Adventure retreats which combine rock climbing, movement and general outdoorsiness. WHAT WE CHAT ABOUT -The transition from Hiit trainer to yoga teacher -Getting bullied before being scouted to be a model -Previously squashing creativity just to ‘fit in’ -Embracing your unique teaching style and voice -Imposter syndrome -Empowering others through movement and nature -Perceived failures and mistakes -Over-training to reach an aesthetic goal -Feeling unworthy and needing to prove ourselves -Always chasing the next best thing -Comparing ourselves on social media 10% off Liforme yoga mats with code THEHUSLERS (we get commission) Code HonestlyUnbalanced30 gets 30% off any packages on thehuslers.com online yoga, meditation and sound platform.
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