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Is X going to give it to you? Yes, indubitably, X is going to give it to you. * (2:41) - Intro* (6:00) - Trailer* (8:46) - Synopsis* (9:30) - Review* (18:14) - Spoilers* (1:16:34) - Horror or Porno?* (1:34:21) - Horror Movie Whoooores Artwork by Dustin Goebel @dgoebel on Insta Synopsis In the Halcyon days of mid-coke, pre-aids 1979, a fledgling porn production crew sets off to Rural Texas to try and film the next mainstream breakout porno, ala Debbie Does Dallas. They find an old farm house to rent from an elderly couple and try to hide the production from the conservative and suspicious owners. They are eventually discovered by Pearl, the elderly farmer's wife, and she takes a cotton to Mia Goth’s Maxine. Soon, the porno people find themselves in danger and fight for their lives to escape a possible Texas pitchfork massacre.  https://youtu.be/Awg3cWuHfoc Review of X (2022) If you are wondering what a straight ahead A24 slasher looks like, here it is. It has the gore and body count of  a slasher, and the artsy fartsy shot composition and character focus of an A24 film. Is this an “elevated slasher”? Not quite, but it does put in more effort towards character development and theme exploration than any Friday the 13th film.  The film explores the themes of youth and ambition as well as the inverse of old age and lost opportunities. A touch of religious judgment is sprinkled in there in the form of a TV preacher, but that is really to flavor the setting, and not integral to the story. I really liked this film, and was fully engaged throughout. It doesn’t go too far into A24 avant garde territory, but references it in an almost tongue in cheek way that is entertaining. To say that this is “more than a slasher” is probably giving it more credit than it deserves, but there are some great scenes that build tension and dread that don’t necessarily fit in the regular slasher cliches.  If you are wondering if there is nudity, X gon' give it to ya. T**s, side boob, and dick silhouette galore in this film. Putting X up against recent slashers such as Scream 2022, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 and Studio 666, it makes them look like prudes.  I highly recommend this film. Score 9/10 X Add it to your collection or rent it now.Click here to buy
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