Puppet Master (1989) Review
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We watched Puppet Master on Tubi and were reminded of a simpler time, a time when puppets rules the earth and we were helpless to prevent their tyrannical rule. * (1:00) - Intro* (5:30 ) - Synopsis* () - Review* (10:20) - Score* (20:45) - Spoilers* (56:39) - Talking about the live show* (1:15:20) - Horror Movie Whooores @dgoebel00 on Instagram provided this amazing artwork. Follow him and check out his website. https://youtu.be/KK3NYrORvdk Synopsis Puppet Master is the “story” of Andre Toulon, a master of puppets who has found an ancient egyptian method of imbuing puppets with life.  He killed himself long ago and now he’s back? But he’s a different guy now, and his psychic friends must suffer because they are psychic. Everyone gets more Full Moon Features than they bargained for. Review Historical Significance Puppet Master (1989) spawned a massive, 14 movie series of sequels and spinoffs. It was written by Charles Band who we interviewed a few months ago in our Gingerdead Man Review. It’s a typical exploitation movie by Full Moon Productions, cashing in on the recent success of creepy little things movies like Gremlins, Child’s Play, and Dolls. For some reason that I can’t quite work out, Puppet Master struck a cord with general audiences and became a straight to video hit.  With a budget of $400,000 it went on to make many millions, and surpassed many theatrical releases of the time in terms of profitability by a wide margin. Watch Puppet MasterWatch on AmazonClick here to Rent or Buy My Criticisms The movie itself is profoundly flawed. I found it extremely boring and confusing. There is not a lot here in terms of redeeming value, other than the circus of zany sequels that it spawned.  Most of my criticisms can be boiled down to the phrase, “it’s the best that Full Moon has to offer.” which is the truth. It’s wacky, stupid, and has a mildly interesting baddie. I think the principle sin that Puppet Master commits is that it takes itself too seriously. The dialog and story make very little sense, but they keep at it. When the script falters and becomes boring, they keep shoving it down your throat. But really, it’s your fault for expecting anything from a straight to video movie called Puppet Master. Although I’ve only seen one other Puppet Master movie, Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, I would recommend it much more enthusiastically than I would the original. The Littlest Reich understands what it is and em...
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