#EdTech for the End of the School Year
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Thank you for the continued support as I prepare for my surgery on June 16th to have a small tumor removed from my foot. I'm all healed up from the allergic reaction I had to the MRI contrast so that has been a relief. I will certainly keep you posted as I have throughout this process and I ask that you take a moment and think of me on June 16th. #EdTech Thought I recorded some thoughts while watching my boys at running camp. It was a beautiful day and I share my thoughts on appreciation and relaxing. #EdTech Recommendation Google Takeout is a service offered by Google that backs up all of your Google account's data into one file, which you can then download. When you use Google Takeout, you'll download all your emails, YouTube videos and comments, Google Drive files, and more. This is something districts have to enable, so check with appropriate IT personnel if this doesn't work. https://takeout.google.com/ Featured Content Wrapping up your school year for the summer is almost as challenging as starting back up in September. When it comes to education technology there are backups, sharing files, cleaning drives and accounts, updating of settings, and vacation email responses that — if not done right — can lead to problems when you return from summer break. If you have a school device, a lot of work can be completed by the IT dept. as they backup, clean, reformat, and maybe re-image devices. If you have a device assigned to you by the school that you take home, the steps may be more numerous but really, not more complicated. Clean out your documents Back up your files Take out the trash Learn it or Lose it Update software Clean up your desktop Clean up subscriptions Change alert frequency Just Give It A Try As we head into Summer 2021 I want to invite you as you reflect on the school year that was -- to contribute a Just Give It A Try story. This is the segment of the show where you share something you tried that worked or maybe it didn't work out as you thought. Your story will help every member of this community continues to learn and grow together. Thank you in advance for sharing and I look forward to hearing and sharing your stories. House of #EdTech VIP This episode's VIPs are AJ Bianco and Stacey Lindes. Stacey and AJ are no strangers to this podcast and together we recently hosted and released the 100th episode of PodcastPD. I couldn't be more proud of the podcasters and content creators that Stacey and AJ have blossomed into. PodcastPD started as a blog post on a now-retired blog of Stacey's. It morphed into a Twitter chat and a live stream during a Twitter chat to a full-blown podcast that we love creating. AJ also launched his own podcast, ReflectED back in June of 2020. @StaceyLindes @AJBianco And if you're not also listening to PodcastPD, what are you waiting for? Go to podcastpd.com/go
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