Surefire Technique to Get It Done: Short Scoping Ep63
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You probably have a new website you're trying to launch, a blog you need to finish, an app you're trying to complete, a presentation you need to give, and several unfinished art projects in your closet. I see you. I know you! In this episode, I share my own personal technique for getting complex things finished and shipped. I call it "short scoping." To "Short scope" is the opposite to "scope creep" or "feature creep" where are ideas get more branches and features as we work on them until they turn into unmanageable, unfinishable, and expensive behemoths. As someone who is afflicted by many ideas, often coming at me at the same time, and who is inspired to work on different things, being able to "short scope" a project to make a chunk of deliverable work is the only reason why anything I do gets out. Without short scoping, my life's work would drown in a molasses of compounding new ideas and intricate feature-creeps dragged to bottom of the sea of unfinished projects. It's simple and it WORKS. Try it out and let me know how it goes! * * * How to Save the World is a podcast about the psychology of what gets people to do eco-behaviors and take climate action: Environmental engineer, designer, and author, Katie Patrick, hunts down the latest behavioral science literature from top universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford to unearth the evidence-based teachings you can use to rapidly get more people to adopt your environmental campaign, program, or product. Sign up for Katie's free behavior and gamification design course at ⁠⁠⁠⁠ Join my Gamify the Planet masterclass training in climate action design for $25/month ⁠⁠⁠⁠ Get a copy of the book, How to Save the World on Amazon ⁠⁠⁠⁠  Follow Katie on:  X-Twitter ⁠⁠@katiepatrick⁠⁠ Instagram ⁠⁠@katiepatrickhello⁠⁠ LinkedIn ⁠⁠
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