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Published 01/08/20
After Nadia's GRUELLING TREK - did ABSENCE make the Heart Grow Fonder or didnt they really miss each other at all?
Published 11/06/19
Boredom is a necessary part of any relationship. How do we deal with it? Should we allow for it, and what exactly is it that can bore us about each other.
Published 08/24/19
If We Hadn't Married Each Other We'd Be Dead By NOW
Published 07/18/19
How do you feel about public displays of affection? Mark confesses that Nadia's fame has made him think twice about being affectionate around Nadia, but how does this revelation make her feel?
Published 07/02/19
Nadia innocently raises the topic of Gwyneth Paltrow's decision to spend half the week living separately from her partner BRAD. What starts off as a hypothetical conversation quite QUICKLY becomes a HEATED and slightly panic-stricken conversation. 
Published 06/12/19
Our 17th wedding anniversary recently. Nadia often states she's terrible with dates and frequently forgets,but this year so did Mark. Does this mean something has shifted in the relationship? Have we both become complacent about our relationship? Is the passion dead? Listen in to find out!
Published 06/06/19
This Podcast tackles the issue of the 6 year age gap between Mark and Nadia ... Is it an issue? Should it be an issue? Is it okay for women to date or marry younger men but NOT men to marry younger women? Does even a 6 year age gap mean that each partner is moving at a different rate and desiring different things? -------------------- FOLLOW US -------------------- NADIA SAWALHA & FAMILY  https://www.instagram.com/nadiasawalhaandfamily.com http://www.twitter.com/nadiasawalha For more...
Published 05/23/19
This relationship podcast takes a distinct turn for the worse mid-way through. But, it fully reveals the ways in which a misunderstanding can snowball into something much much bigger
Published 05/04/19
Could sparks fly as Nadia hands Mark the GENIE'S LAMP and invites him to MAKE THREE wishes to change things about her and their marriage for the BETTER.
Published 04/04/19