Avi explains to Stephen how Jews went from the world of the talmud to spread through the world. The primary streams of Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews are discussed along with the development of legal literature and scholarship and an equally important but separate mystical tradition.
Published 01/03/22
Stephen and Avi get into the holiday spirit and discuss their respective winter traditions. Gift giving, European cultural imperialism (on both sides!!!) and what advent calendars are enter the conversation, along with other reasons for the season.
Published 11/29/21
Published 11/29/21
Stephen explains to Avi the steps that lead to Martin Luther taking issue with the Church and leading what we now refer to as the Reformation. Also discussed: how the Reformation affected the Jewish community and how it reverberates in today’s Christianity, plus the surprising connection between Luther’s thought and that of Adolf Hitler.
Published 11/03/21
On this episode Rabbi Avi Finegold delves into the evolution of Judaism from the Second Temple all the way to the Scholars who wrote The Talmud and shaped the Judaism that looks so familiar to us today. Other topics of discussion in this conversation include: * the rise of the sects and the Sadducees & Pharisees * the Septuagint and what happens when you open a religion to other languages * Rabbi Yochanan’s daring escape and the shift to ritual life outside the temple * what the...
Published 10/20/21
Avi and Stephen discuss the early history of Christianity, from Jews Who Believe In Jesus, to the Council of Nicea, with stops in Marcionism, Arianism and Roman life.
Published 10/08/21
Avi and Stephen take a break from their historical explorations to discuss repentance, atonement and forgiveness. The Jewish High Holy Days are upon us and these ideas are central to them, so a discussion about how each faith tradition deals with them is timely and eye opening for us, and hopefully for you too.
Published 09/01/21
Stephen and Avi discuss the Christian liturgical calendar, the Sermon on the Mount, and how reading the bible leads Christians to their practices today. A side order of Pharisees rounds out the conversation.
Published 08/18/21
Join Avi and Stephen as they discuss Bible translations, and a passage at the end of Deuteronomy (Deut. 30:11). Things get interesting when they move to discussing how Jews and Christians interpret the bible and live with it daily. Make sure to stay tuned for trees that move and rivers that reverse their flow! Our next episode will discuss Matthew 5:17-20, so do your homework and read it in time for episode 4.
Published 08/05/21
On ep2 of 'Hyphen: The Podcast for Judeo-Christians' join hosts Rabbi Avi Finegold and Dr. Stephen Backhouse as they explore the way their communities use the bible and its place in daily life. (Hint. It’s more complicated than you think.)
Published 07/20/21
On the inaugural and introductory episode of 'Hyphen: The Podcast for Judeo-Christians' join hosts Rabbi Avi Finegold and Dr. Stephen Backhouse as they explore: * Vicars * Becoming a Rabbi vs. becoming a minister * Theologians * Yavneh and Rabbinic Judaism and the Jamnia Curse .....and much more!
Published 07/09/21
Introducing Hyphen, a series of Judeo-Christian dialogues with Rabbi Avi Finegold and historian Dr. Stephen Backhouse, that challenge, provoke and broaden the scope of biblical and theological discourse in every episode as they help each other understand the basis of their respective faiths.
Published 07/02/21