"Fellas, Is It Woke to Bank?" with Parker Molloy
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Erin Ryan and Alyssa Mastromonaco start off by discussing the Texas abortion pill hearing, where Judge Kacsmaryk wants so badly to ban mifepristone…get a life, dude. Then, Parker Molloy comes on to talk about anti-trans legislation, the coverage of it in the media, and finding hope in outspoken trans kids. Next, Hysteria fave Akilah Hughes joins Kiran Deol in the panel to discuss the various definitions of “woke.” To finish things off, some praise (shoutout, Alyssa’s jam!) and complaints (people in LA canNOT drive in the rain) in Sani-Petty.
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Published 06/01/23
Erin Ryan and Alyssa Mastromonaco dive into the latest news: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was bipartisanly impeached; Minnesota gets paid family leave; and we love you forever, Succession. Samantha Bee then comes on to discuss women in late night, stealing cars, and her new podcast, Choice...
Published 06/01/23
Erin Ryan and Alyssa Mastromonaco are joined by Pod Save the U.K.’s Coco Khan to answer the question: which country is more of a dumpster fire, the U.S. or the U.K.?
Published 05/25/23