Is the pandemic getting in the way of your love life? Same. Thankfully, Bumble and dating coach, Carla Romo, and all of our friends at Coven join me to answer all the dating and relationship questions you can imagine! Such as how to take your relationship from messaging to video chat to IRL, should you get tested before a date?, how to ask if they are social distancing, pick up lines to make the most impressionable first move and of course the best ideas for social distanced/virtual dates....
Published 10/22/20
Co-founders of The Female Founder Collective, Rebecca Minkoff and Ali Wyatt Koplar, join Yola to discuss how each other their unique career paths led them to start FFC which has positively impacted thousands of female-owned businesses across North America. The pair also share the biggest takeaways from What's Next Fest, how they've learned to pivot and their best career/entrepreneurial advice for new business owners.  Join ISAL Insiders here. Connect with Yola: @yolarobert Connect with the...
Published 10/15/20
Lo Bosworth joins Yola to reminisce on eating ribs and drinking wine at SxSW while talking about all things gut and vaginal microbiome. Lo updates us on Love Wellness's latest launch of multivitamins Daily Love, Baby Love and Whole Love. And if you are confused between what the difference is between a vitamin and multi-vitamin Lo explains. Lo also explains why gummy vitamins just don't work although they are so fun to take! Join ISAL Insiders here. Connect with Yola: @yolarobert Connect...
Published 10/08/20
Trigger Warning: In this episode, we talk about suicidal ideation and experiences. Yola and Scout from Okay Sis Podcast chat through how they both overcame suicidal ideation, manage their mental illnesses and how they built themselves from the ground up to create their dream lives.  If you or a loved one is experiencing suicidal thoughts call 1-800-273-8255.  Connect with Yola: @yolarobert Connect with the pod: @isuckatlifepodcast    
Published 10/01/20
Raissa Gerona, Cheif Brand Officer at Revolve, joins Yola to chat about everything from her immigration story, falling at her first vintage clothing business, starting Lovers+Friends, building Revolve's presence through influencer marketing, balancing mental health and motherhood throughout the pandemic, making a conscious effort to building a more inclusive brand and the inspiration behind Revolve U. Connect with Yola: @yolarobert Connect with the pod: @isuckatlifepodcast
Published 09/24/20
Co-founder of EO Products/Everyone joins Yola to discuss the neurological benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils, the year of the hand sanitizer, keeping up with demand during the pandemic, navigating divorce and business + essential oil recipes.
Published 09/17/20
Haven't done a solo in a while so wanted to hop on and say hiii!  After having a really rough period, I realized I hadn't gotten women wellness check-in yearsss so I finally got my first LA Pap Smear at the most zenned out spa-like a retreat for your vagina. Crystals, salt lamps, cbd, the whole 9 yards. I also am continuously researching whether to buy stocks or designer bags. I am back on meds and loving it with the mindset the tomorrow isn't guaranteed and nothing lasts forever.
Published 09/10/20
Ali Grant founded digital communications agency Be Social Group 8 years ago as one of the first agencies with a focus on influencer marketing, she had a vision about the major opportunity for this new aspect of the industry.
Published 09/03/20
Brazilian-American fashion designer and beauty entrepreneur, Camila Coehlo joins Yola today to share her inspiring story. Camila skipped out on college to pursue her love for makeup artistry which turned into a huge YouTube following that led her to amass millions of followers across her platforms. She shares her entrepreneurial story and her lifelong journey battling with epilepsy.
Published 08/27/20
Sarah Lee and Christine Chang started their own Korean beauty brand after working for the L'oreal's of the world and realizing Korean beauty was misunderstood in the Western markets. Their inaugural Watermelon Sleeping Mask sold out over 9x at Sephora, but it was their debut on Shark Tank that skyrocketed Glow Recipe. Now, industry veterans, their methods and products have been loved by millions. Sarah and Christine share with Yola why the left their glamorous corporate jobs to start Glow...
Published 08/20/20
Brittany Kozerski hustled her way to the top of the fashion industry as a fashion editor at Marie Claire. Having also worked at Elle, Vogue and GQ, Brittany saw a gap in the swimwear market that needed to be filled. She took a leap of faith and started what is now JADE Swim. Known for using sustainable fabrics, runway-inspired designs and bold colors, JADE Swim has become a fan favorite (I'm obsessed) for many on and off Instagram. 
Published 08/13/20
When Danielle and Whitney hit rock bottom in their early twenties living in New York City they knew something had to change. Through their own research and development, the pair crafted nutritious yet tasty meals that healed their bodies. Word spread quickly about their organic meal delivery program. The Sakara Life is based on a whole-food, plant-rich diet that includes fresh, nutrient-dense, and delicious ingredients even celebs like Chrissy Teigen and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by it! 
Published 08/06/20
If you have been listening to show you know that I have been obsessed with HUM Nutrition for quite some time now! Today we finally get to sit down with HUM's founder and CEO Walter Faulstroh. Walter is a serial wellness entrepreneur with a passion for democratizing health and wellness for all. We get into his own journey that led him to start HUM, why the HUM model has been so successful and the future of the health and wellness industry.  About HUM Nutrition: Founded in 2012 by Walter...
Published 07/30/20
Julie Smolyansky is a mother, author, activist, humanitarian, and is the youngest female CEO of a publicly-traded company as she became the CEO of Lifeway Foods at the age of 27. Grounded in mindfulness, Julie is passionate about empowering the mind-gut connection through making healthy food choices, community and business innovation. Julie joins Yola to talk about her family's journey of turning an ancient superfood, Kefir, into a multimillion-dollar sensation loved by so many Americans....
Published 07/23/20
Mental health check-in and therapy session with psychotherapist, Elizabeth Winkler.
Published 07/16/20
The founder of The Honey Pot, Beatrice Dixon, joins Yola to chat about how she got the idea for The Honey Pot in a dream, how she scaled the plant-based feminine care line from her kitchen to Target, CVS, Walmart +more, the importance of vaginal health, self-care habits and all things 2020.   Watch The Interview Here.  Connect with Yola: @yolarobert Connect with the pod: @isuckatlifepodcast
Published 07/02/20
Celebrity hairstylists and power couple Ted Gibson & Jason Backe join Yola for an hour of much-needed conversation around the racism that exists in the fashion and beauty industry, effects of the pandemic on entrepreneurs, maintaining relationships, beauty salons of the future and The Worth UP Foundation created by Ted & Jason to help sponsor scholarships, foster mentorships and encourage stylists to start their own businesses.
Published 06/25/20
Brittany Xavier joins Yola to share how she went from marketing executive to global style influencer with over 4 million followers.
Published 06/18/20
Fellow podcaster Kenzie Elizabeth of ILYSM joins Yola to talk about moving from LA to Dallas, trusting in God's timing and plan for us, all the things that come with buying and remodeling a house, Youtube, podcasting and new habits that have come out of quarantine!    Be sure to check out Kenzie's episode with Yola on the ILYSM podcast, out now!  Produced by Dear Media
Published 06/11/20
One of the most actionable ways to actually diversity the economy is to hire or wire. As in, the venture capital industry needs to equitably spread venture dollars amongst black founders, non-black people of color and women along with major organizations needing to hire diverse leaders in the boardroom and in management positions. Abyah Wynn and Denise Hewett discuss with Yola how the VC, tech and entertainment industries can move forward and be held accountable in diversifying beyond the...
Published 06/08/20
Mental health therapist Ashley McGirt chats with Yola to discuss white privilege, racial trauma, creating an antiracist culture, talking to children about racial injustices and what white and non-black people of color can do to support the black community right now.   Ashley McGirt is a mental health therapist, Tedx international speaker, and author.  Ashley currently works as a full-time hospice therapist and owns and operates her own private practice where she focuses primarily on adult...
Published 06/04/20
Venus Et Fleur's signature Eternity Roses became Instagram's most coveted bouquet after the Kardashians posted about the brand in 2016. Since then Venus Et Fleur has become the industry leader in long-lasting luxury roses and florals. Co-Founder Seema Bansal Chadha joins Yola to share how her bad Valentine's Day bouquet experience turned into a multi-million dollar business even though she and her husband had no experience in the floral space. The Forbes 30 under 30 alum also speaks on how...
Published 05/28/20
Quarantining together has made Yola and her sister, Mora, realize they have lost their relationship as sisters — and may have never had a solid friendship to begin with. Which begs the question: Can sisters really be close friends? Yola goes through Mora's IG DM's from random dudes which are CRINGE!! Will any of these virtual relationships make it IRL? Probably not. Plus, Yola recaps the Call Her Daddy Drama and shares her perspective as a podcaster.   Produced by Dear Media
Published 05/21/20
You may know Danielle Bernstein as @WeWoreWhat on Instagram, but now you can really get to know her through her first book This Is Not A Fashion Story.  Danielle joins Yola to talk about the inspiration behind the book, her biggest learning lessons and some of the juicier moments featured in the book. The tell-all takes you inside of Danielle's life behind her Instagram feed and shows you how a Long Island-born teenager became one of the most recognizable names in fashion. It's a story that...
Published 05/18/20