Published 01/19/22
Parties. We have all heard of them, but who has actually gone to one? Us. That's right, you heard it here first. We have gone to one or multiple and we have a few things to say about it. If you enjoy these podcasts enough to actually read this description right now, thank you - I hope you have an above average evening!
Published 01/19/22
We revisit our old friend: Craigslist Community Forums - Legal Section. Now I don't want to over-sell it here but this episode is what you might call a train wreck.
Published 01/12/22
This is a highlight reel of our first year of podcasting!
Published 01/09/22
Join us on a biological/paleontological journey where Conner shows us just how much smarter than he is than those folks across the pond. If you really want a sneak peek, lets just say more than half of the Great Lakes touch Pennsylvania.
Published 01/05/22
As the resident expert Preston speaks on how to get dates, and prevent you from ever losing them. At one point the show does start and we do talk about the New Year, trust me, just keep listening.
Published 12/29/21
As the resident expert Conner speaks on how to lose dates, and prevent them from ever happening in the first place. At one point the show does start and we do talk about amazon, trust me, just keep listening.
Published 12/22/21
Guys have it easy yet again, we can just purchase a Victoria's Secret Gift Certificate from our local establishment, but the women don't have a solid reciprocal. What do they purchase in return? Tune in for that and many more sweet treats, and little morsels in store this episode!
Published 12/15/21
A How-to guide on avoiding your boss this holiday season, PLUS you get to hear us nail the intro the first try which makes this quite the special holiday episode.
Published 12/08/21
Fathers want to know how to control their daughters lives i.e. fashion choices, so we help them. We also talk about how I semi-grew up with Taylor at some point. Trust me it all ties together and you'll be able to get any cigarette smoking mustang-driving high school bad boy you want, pick of the litter even. Also this is a video episode on youtube, check it out if you want to see us in the flesh!
Published 12/01/21
This Week we scheme up ways for Thanksgiving to overcome its rivals, and what to do if you find yourself with a frozen bird on T-day morning!
Published 11/24/21
In our very first guest featured episode we bring on our very funny, close friend Landin. Through a series of unfortunate events we ended up talking to his ghost about human zoo's.
Published 11/17/21
We all want to get rich quick, except me and Conner because we are both already filthy rich. We want to help you achieve financial freedom, stability, and serenity. 
Published 11/10/21
In this once in a lifetime episode we debate the legitimacy of Conners credentials, the overtake of Shiba Inu, and the best times to contact your local coastguard. 
Published 11/03/21
Infinite possibilities this halloween, let's make sure we cover all of our bases. Go trick or treating every day this week and enjoy your favorite Disney film with your mother!
Published 10/27/21
This week we talk about how to treat animals and 24 year old men with respect and reverence. And should you need a license? All that and more are answered in depth on this weeks installment of IWAY
Published 10/20/21
Shiba Inu VS DOGECOIN who will win. Should you sell your car for crypto? That is not for me to recommend, let alone advise.
Published 10/13/21
This episode we travel and explore everything from the Grand Canyon to Easter Island and all the strip clubs in between.
Published 10/10/21
This episodes theme is Sharp Objects. Does School code protect you from federal law? . Is a pitchfork a dangerous weapon? All of these questions and more are answered on this installment of IWAY.
Published 09/29/21
We deprive ourselves of sleep and deprive our listeners of anxiety to these unanswered questions. We dive into why is Justin Bieber paid pennies on the dollar, and how to run a full man pirate ship.
Published 09/25/21
In this episode we explore the wonderful world of NextDoor, give a how-to guide on what to do if you find yourself or a loved one switched at birth, deal with barking neighbors, and go bankrupt due to ice cream.
Published 09/22/21
In our pilot episode we take a deep dive into craigslist legal advice, discuss why the Titanic sank, and Kobe's death.
Published 09/15/21