Deconstructing The Beauty Industry Hype with Jessica DeFino
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Jameela is joined by beauty culture critic Jessica DeFino in a candid conversation about where her current research and journalism is taking her, after years of covering a multi-billion dollar beauty industry for major women’s magazines & beauty apps in the US. The two discuss the science of skincare products VS the science of skin, why the wellness industry makes you feel bad about yourself and the inherently disappointing pursuit of ‘anti-aging’. You’ll hear about current beauty trends that are unsettling your skin with longer term (and unknown) effects, some of the natural ways your skin repairs itself plus some practical takeaways (without a 12 step routine). You can find more at Jessica's substack: And her IG @jessicadefino_ You can find transcripts from the show on the Earwolf website I Weigh has amazing merch – check it out at Send what you 'weigh' to [email protected] Jameela is on Instagram @jameelajamil and TikTok @jameelajamil And make sure to check out I Weigh’s Instagram, Youtube and TikTok for more!
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