Absolutely fascinating, could have listened all day. Wish this episode had been longer, I think there are loads of other topics you could have Clementine come back to discuss! Thanks for a great episode
Vicish via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 12/28/23
The episode with Clementine ford, was so true and it’s nice to know there are other people out there that think the same. I’ve been in a relationship for 25 years and not married. An don’t want to get married
Badge 109 via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 12/21/23
Thank you!! Love the new direction and focusing on how to better ourselves. You and Grace Campbell should both be on a podcast! You’re both hilarious, honest and sounds like 2 old friends! Love it!!! 💙 from 🇨🇦
TeeJaded via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 12/10/23
She sometimes doesn’t rly internalize what her guests are talking about when they’re from disenfranchised groups she can’t personally relate to. She’s a lovable tryhard, she asks good questions of interesting guests and leaves them tons of space to respond without speaking over them. But if you...Read full review »
dead_not_sleeping via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 11/23/23
I have listened to every episode of I Weigh. Jameela discusses topics, issues and questions that most of us face in this modern world and normalises the madness we live in to bring us together, make us laugh and not feel so ashamed or alone. Thank you Jameela for being you and sharing your...Read full review »
💚❤️🩵💙🧡 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 10/09/23
I’ve listened to this podcast for years and have mostly really enjoyed it, but in the recent episode “Unpacking Pop Psychology w/Seerut K. Chawla” Jameela makes several inaccurate and harmful statements about autism/autistic people while using outdated, ableist and antisemitic terminology and...Read full review »
cloudbustingdaddy via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 10/05/23
Huge fan of the podcast! Been listening since it first started. I have grown so much as a result and absolutely love Jameela! Xoxo
joasia1029 via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 10/02/23
I have been listening to this podcast for a few years now and I've learnt so much. Jameela is such a funny and interesting host and I love hearing what she has to say and the natural conversation that occurs between her and her guests. The guests she has introduced me to have been so...Read full review »
Miss Mahler via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 09/13/23
I listened to the episode of Podcrushed where Jameela more or less interviewed Penn and I just needed more of her. She’s quick witted, so incredibly intelligent, seems to have a wonderful sense of humor — and those words don’t even begin to describe how amazing her soul is. I absolutely adore...Read full review »
rdanvers via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 09/03/23
I love the topics and guests but Jamila, please let your guests speak and don’t cut in and talk over them. On few occasions you both are talking over each other and it’s in comfortable to listen to. As the one with the guests it’s important to allow them the time to talk and that accounts for...Read full review »
lolabbz via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 08/30/23
Only a few episodes in and LOVING the takes, the guests, everything. On the ‘cancelled’ episode right now and Jameela said something that I keep coming to as a teacher - kids are seeing what people say online and how we treat each other and they ARE bringing this to the classroom. I hear too many...Read full review »
K is for Kookie via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 08/27/23
I’m going back to the house to go to the gym with the girls for the night so I’ll let you know if you need anything or do
cos cus via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 08/26/23
I’m going back to the house tomorrow if I can do it for you too but if I can do that tomorrow then I’ll be home if I can do that tomorrow
hsg fun via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 08/25/23
I’m not going back to the office until about the time of this morning but I’m going back to the house for the day so I’m not going
find exit via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 08/24/23
I’m going back in a few weeks to see what I have on the calendar for tomorrow morning at noon time to go to the beach for the day before the gym and I can get
dad shift via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 08/24/23
When this podcast first came out it was a breath of fresh air and inspirational. Unfortunately recently it has served to platform unqualified guests who are uncritically allowed to spread misinformation (e.g. the Glucose Goddess and Dr Caroline Leaf). I beg the producers to do 10-15 minutes of...Read full review »
fak via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 08/16/23
It covers such a range of interesting, relevant and important topics, and Jameela is such a great host!
Cherries-on-top via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 08/13/23
The array of guests on this podcast are fantastic and I can really feel the drive Jameela has for understanding and exploring other peoples experiences. Jameela is doing important, validating work in this space but also isn’t afraid of challenging topics.
PetePeters69 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 08/04/23
I absolutely love you & your podcast. You are a regular voice in my ears as I drive around London in my taxi at work. Thank you keeping me company, for the tears of joy and laughter and for sharing your wisdom with us you absolute legend, much love from South East London xxxxx
Llulah1 via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 07/11/23
wrong babe, we do not need men. we can absolutely take the power for ourselves.
annoyedaf1234567 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 07/11/23
Where can I find the subscripts?
Skyyyyut via Apple Podcasts · South Korea · 07/03/23
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you.
TLG122 via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 06/25/23
Love Jameela Love this podcast Love the guest selection
sophierosalie via Apple Podcasts · Germany · 06/20/23
I highly recommend the I Weigh with Jameela Jamil channel for its exceptional selection of guests in each episode. The host, Jameela, is particularly skilled at delving into important topics like mental health awareness. Her interview with Zach Zimmerman stands out as one of the best episodes.
Sam_Ksahai via Apple Podcasts · Philippines · 05/22/23
Brilliant podcast. I feel like I’m being snuggled by the warmth and love of all the messages that Jameela is sending in her soothing voice. Even the guests I’m not keen on listening to, I end up loving. Thanks for using your platform to spread awareness for such important human issues with all of...Read full review »
nwiercig via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 05/20/23
No credentials lots of fake news cited
Hbhkfvbj via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 05/11/23
I love your podcast. It's raw, relatable and educational. I learn a lot from you Jameela.Read full review »
briarrose99 via Apple Podcasts · South Korea · 04/22/23
This podcast has some fantastic guests, who are funny, sparkling, and informed at talking about their areas of specialization. I have listened to several of the episodes. The host asks penetrating questions. One piece of feedback is that the host could listen to her guests instead of talking...Read full review »
lunalgt via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 04/15/23
Thank you, Jameela. I loved you in The Good Place and on IG but now that I have listened to “Invisible Illnesses with Meghan O’Rourke, I am inspired! As a fellow hEDS-er, thank you for saying so clearly everything I’ve been feeling. I’m loosing forward to reading Meghan’s book.
SFKalka via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 04/12/23
I listened to my first episode and it was ask me anything, where you spoke about weight loss. Good for you for your honesty. I wish more of Hollywood would speak out like this. Good for you.
hparwana via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 04/09/23
Listening to Jameela speak about literally anything is like drinking water and breathing air. This podcast has sincerely improved my quality of life. As someone with hEDS and a whole host of related medical conditions, I listened to this most recent episode multiple times because it was just so...Read full review »
CJAM27 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 04/08/23
This is exhausting to listen to, it’s just an endless echo chamber of people virtue signalling to each other. And Jameela as a host is completely insufferable, as 90% of every episode is just her talking and answering her own questions rather than letting the guests speak. Garbage.
Jollymandy via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 04/02/23
I have known about this podcast forever and finally started listening. I am binging it like crazy - thank you Jameela for talking about everything! 🥰
RachelM1009 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 03/31/23
One of my favourite voices on Podcasts. I relate to so much of what you talk about and I love your instagram feed as well. Thank you for all you do and making my day, helping so many people and being real. I listen to you in the car, when I walk, and now as I have been in hospital for 11 days....Read full review »
JamaicaEmma via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 03/25/23
There hasn’t been an episode I haven’t enjoyed or haven’t learned from. Thank you. THIS is meaningful
SabbiTown via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 03/23/23
Jameela, I am so grateful to you for sharing your wisdom and your heart. You are like the healthy friend I so desperately need. thank you a million times over for your transparency. You are such a role model and inspiration to me 🤍
hayleighfloo via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 03/21/23
I’ve genuinely enjoyed so many of the episodes and seriously tip my hat to Jameela for her openness, eloquence, frankness, energy. I have also recently lost my parents and several other losses have given rise to grief - the episode about grief with Megan Devine is the most refreshing take on...Read full review »
SamJo1975 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 03/21/23
One of my absolute favorites. Jameela has important conversations about developmental trauma ( childhood trauma) with real down -to -earth conversations. She’s a much needed voice in the mental health space! 💜
lllhhhppp via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 03/10/23
Just found out about this podcast because I’m a huge fan of Rachel Bloom. Really enjoyed it, definitely going to listen to more.
sofiafontes via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 02/17/23
This is literally the best podcast series I’ve ever listen to. I love that the language used is how actual people talk to one another and nothing is too embarrassing to talk about. Thank you so much for keeping it real, thought-provoking, and educating.❤️🙌🏻
Linnipinni via Apple Podcasts · Sweden · 02/11/23
Love the guests, love the host, the topics are all acute and need to be amplified. I want a podcast discussing this podcast 🙌🏻
NikitaVoid via Apple Podcasts · Russia · 02/07/23
I look forward to listening to new episodes every week because I always walk away learning something new. I am so appreciative of the anti shame approach to every topic covered.
definitely not sarah via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 02/02/23
Thank you for existing and for encouraging thoughtful, nuanced inclusivity :)
TaiLeeMai000 via Apple Podcasts · Turkey · 01/31/23
I realize the Jameela Jamil is an actress. She’s not a scientist, she does not have any credentials at all, but she did at least claim to be against diet culture. Imagine my surprise when she has “glucose goddess” on the show. I thought it was a joke for a minute. This woman actually recommends...Read full review »
K_A_S_ via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 01/28/23
Bombamboo via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 01/13/23
I have listened to three episodes and am blown away by Jameela’s intellect, thoughtfulness, honesty, and creativity. Very impressive. I look forward to listening to more.
jessgold215 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 12/22/22
Love the show! Please just check the photo of your guest Sarah Jones posted with the episode The Sex Industry. It doesn’t seem accurate to me…
Flotski via Apple Podcasts · Netherlands · 12/18/22
I adore this podcast. When I feel so sad and defeated by the state of our society that I just want to run away and live in the woods like a feral cat, I give this a listen and suddenly I feel like the Kool-Aid man right after he busts through a stranger's wall, ready to rejoin the fight....Read full review »
lyssa0beth via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 11/13/22
Love Jameela, love this podcast. She is a massive inspiration.
pomi333 via Apple Podcasts · Germany · 11/11/22
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