Writer, editor, Bona Hayes provides editing tips, her experiences as an editor, and her work with J.J. Clarke, award winning mystery/thriller author.
Published 05/14/20
Award winning author, Margaret Best, gives us a preview of her up and coming book, "Guam: Where America’s Day Begins" - available 2021.
Published 05/09/20
Sharon Snir is a psychotherapist and spiritual leader. In her blog, Speed of Light Heartedness, she shares philosophical and spiritual musings. Join my interview as she discusses her life, loves, books, and weaves in lovely ways to see our world.
Published 04/23/20
Published 04/23/20
A reunion with old friend, Rose Imregi, ignited a buried determination for Minard to write. A chance encounter with a well- known FSU football quarterback who told of his life changing experiences the following evening, clinched the deal. Together they wrote a passionate novel that sets the story straight about the Florida School for Boys, a boys’ reform school now known as the Dozier School for Boys.
Published 04/20/20
Geralyn Vilar was born in Belleville, NJ. After high school, she earned a BSN. She also took a poetry class. Her earnest interest in writing soared. Her debut novel, "One Spring Day" is available through Amazon. Listen to Geralyn's story about her first novel and her plans for more writing.
Published 04/03/20
This is a good time for me to take a moment to list those things for which I am grateful, especially during this lengthy isolation. What are you grateful for?  Please comment. Thank you for listening.
Published 04/02/20
Vic DiGenti is the award-winning author of six novels and six works of nonfiction. Hi novels include the Windrusher trilogy featuring a feline protagonist, and Quint Mitchell Mystery series published under the pen name Parker Francis. Vic’s also penned biographies for two WWII veterans, and written 4 other personal biographies plus a family history.
Published 03/26/20
Retired physician, Larry Martin, has written 22 books in a variety of genres.  When asked why so many and how, he says he loves to write, and he loves to learn.  He learns best by writing, from books and articles about his medical field of pulmonology, to history, music, and more! Listen to his current project: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and its effect on memory loss.
Published 03/20/20
Canadian writer, Valerie Francis, is a bestselling author of fiction for women and children. Story Grid Editor, Francis has an online book club, the Unpodcast Show, and writes stories by, for and about women.
Published 03/13/20
Dr. Kuehnl-Walters is a retired clinical/forensic psychologist. She was in private practice for over forty years. She wrote mystery thriller, "The Christmas Slayings" based on actual murders in Ohio.
Published 03/05/20
Diann Schindler interviews Marilyn R. Atlas – Film Producer/Personal Manager, a charismatic and down -to-earth professional with great tips for writing regarding character development; and creating bold, complex and memorable characters.  She is a delight!
Published 02/21/20
Diann interviews Ms. McDaniel who, in 2019, became the coordinator of the Amelia Island Writers (AIW). AIW hosts monthly programs of interest for established and aspiring writers of all genres. Marla explains exciting, informative and interactive programming.
Published 02/06/20
This episode focuses on "Just A Girl: A coming-of-age novel about innocence, isolation, love, heartbreak, and discernment." Diann reads the back cover of her novel and Chapter Two. It Paula, 5 years old, putting groceries away.  Paula sneaks off with a bag of oranges. "Just A Girl" was ranked 6th best coming-of-age fiction by Amazon in 2017. 
Published 01/23/20
Do you know the benefits to walking?  Simple walking is incredibly beneficial to your health. Diann talks about how walking alleviated  her muscle stiffness and pain when she walked over 98 miles in 8 days in Paris.  Now, she's walking, biking, and exercising on Amelia Island, Florida.
Published 01/16/20
Think young!!  Diann Schindler tells us about her "new" bike, lovely Amelia Island, and her challenging bike ride in the historic district of Amelia Island, Florida. Lessons learned!
Published 01/10/20
Diann Schindler interviews awarding-winning author Paula Stone Tucker: "Surviving: A Kent State Memoir," and, hears her personal account of that dreadful day.
Published 01/03/20
Diann shares her thriller novel writing experiences with her first draft, describing the thriller genre and three narrative devices: the MacGuffin, Red Herring and Cuttlefish. She refers to the Story Grid. Use the Story Grid and write a successful novel. You can reach her at Diann@DiannAbroad.com  DiannAbroad.com 
Published 12/31/19
Everyday, so many people ask me about "In the Know!" as well as podcasting in general. They want to know what, how, the stats, and why even podcast.  This episode answers those general questions.  Enjoy!
Published 12/11/19
Interview with Peggy Best, awarding winning author of two memoirs, "Unsung Hero" and "Dandelion Child." She has also developed her own company to help others leave a legacy by writing their own memoirs. Enjoy!
Published 12/09/19
Robert K. Goddard grew up in Georgia. After 4 years in the Air Force, he earned degrees from Georgia State & Georgia College.  In 2012, he retired & is pursuing a writing career.  In addition to 3 novel manuscripts, Bob has also written 2 stage plays and poetry.   He also founded the Black Rose Theatre Company in Brandon, MIssissippi in 1991. Bob is a fascinating prolific writing, in all genres.  He reads 2 of his allegorical poems, written in iambic pentameter in this delightful...
Published 11/21/19
Schindler is back in Amelia Island. Why?  She contracted a something in Thailand and came back to heal. Listen as Diann talks about this strange illness, her road to recovery, her exciting new goals, and a special partnership with Dr. J., Ph.D., retired sex therapist turned erotica writing.  Together they have created The Di’Na Zing Experience. Diann@DiannAbroad.com        DiannAbroad.com Enjoy!  And thank you for tuning in!
Published 10/30/19
Among all the crushing images I saw at the Auschwitz-Birdenau Memorial and Museum, it was the hair that had the most immediate and lasting effect. Actual hair sheared  from the heads of every man, woman, and child prisoner; disinfected; wound in balls; and placed in net bags.  I saw a roomful of this hair, discolored by the years, but unmistakably human brown, gray and white hair. My recording, I admit, was very emotional, but important for me to record.  
Published 07/29/19
This is a meditation is designed for the Charter for Compassion course entitled "Cultivating Compassion through Travel." Yet, it is useful for anyone interested in receiving and sending compassion from and to loved ones, acquaintances, and people all over the world. Compassion reduces suffering, opens your heart, improves your health, and you become a part of the global compassion movement.
Published 04/24/19
This guided meditation is designed for my "Cultivating Compassion through Travel" course, offered online by the Charter for Compassion. WHEN THE COURSE IS OFFERED IS YET TO BE DETERMINED. For course participants, be sure to compete the previous activity in the Course so that you will be prepared for the meditation. Please spend some time thinking about your intentions for travel with regard to cultivating compassion. 
Published 04/22/19