From the 2018 Open Your Heart in Paradise Retreat on Maui, old friends Joseph Goldstein and Sharon Salzberg join forces to explore generosity as a form of mindfulness practice.  Don’t miss out on Sharon’s Salzberg’s Metta Hour Podcast on the Be Here Now Network! This episode of Joseph Goldstein’s Insight Hour is brought to you by BetterHelp. A professional counseling service done securely online. A convenient and affordable way to find the particular expertise you need – wherever you are...
Published 07/12/21
From the Open Your Heart in Paradise Retreat in 2018, Joseph Goldstein covers the methodology of mindfulness, answering three key questions about the nature of mindfulness. See our Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and our California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
Published 07/01/21
The Alan Watts Organization and Be Here Now Network have come together to bring you a new podcast series that dives deep into the Alan Watts Archive’s 100-hour collection of talks.  This Monday, June 7th, discover for yourself why Alan Watts has continued to inspire generations of seekers with the Alan Watts Being in the Way podcast.  This exciting new series is hosted by Mark Watts, Alan's son and archive curator. Mark and his guests share Alan Watts’ inspirational work that poetically...
Published 06/06/21
From the infamous 1974 Naropa summer sessions, Joseph Goldstein answers audience questions on love, wisdom, practice, perspective, metta, impermanence, silence, and cultivating loving thought. In this vintage July 5th, 1974 dharma talk from Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche's Naropa University, nestled in the mountains in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, a young Joseph Goldstein shares meditation instructions for the Yogas of the Bhagavad Gita course he was invited to teach alongside Ram Dass during the...
Published 06/03/21
On this episode of Insight Hour, Joseph Goldstein explores how it’s helpful to have a comprehensive view of our direction as we set out on the spiritual path.
Published 05/10/21
Tying together meditation's basics—steady awareness & non-clinging—with the intentionality of careful investigation of thought, body, and emotion, Joseph lines a path toward mindful liberation.
Published 04/26/21
Exploring the factor of enlightenment known as Viriya—our energetic capacity—Joseph Goldstein shares how we can cultivate courageous effort within our lives and daily practices.
Published 03/22/21
Joseph Goldstein explores the hallucinations of perception that keep us bound to the wheel of conditioned existence and teaches us how to train our noble supernormal powers.
Published 02/24/21
Joseph Goldstein continues his exploration of the Satipatthana Sutta, sharing his insights on how the fetters and defilements of the mind arise, are removed, and can be prevented.   This talk is a continuation of Insight Hour Ep. 99 – Mindfulness of the Six Sense Spheres
Published 02/03/21
Joseph Goldstein continues his series of talks on the Satipatthana Sutta, this time focusing on mindfulness of the six sense spheres and the fetters that arise dependent on them. 
Published 01/12/21
On this episode of Insight Hour, Joseph Goldstein continues his discussion of mindfulness of the dhammas by exploring the mental formation of volition and the aggregate of consciousness.
Published 12/22/20
In this Dharma talk, Joseph investigates the mindfulness of the dhamma, focusing in on the aggregates of perception and mental formations. Continuing a series of talks on the Satipatthana Sutra, Joseph explores the fourth foundation of mindfulness: the mindfulness of the dhamma. In this case, dhamma means categories of experience, the understanding of how different elements of the body and mind function. Beginning the session, Joseph explores the Five Aggregates of Clinging, particularly the...
Published 12/02/20
In this dharma talk, Joseph Goldstein continues his exploration of the five hindrances, this time offering remedies to deal with the mental factors of sloth and torpor.
Published 10/23/20
In this dharma talk, Joseph Goldstein uses the teachings of the Satipatthāna Sutta to explore how we can deal with aversive states of mind such as hatred, anger, and ill-will.
Published 10/02/20
Joseph Goldstein shares Buddhist insight into using mindfulness and meditation to be present with our thoughts and emotions.
Published 09/11/20
Joseph Goldstein dives deep into the heart of faith, exploring how it connects us and why it needs to be balanced by wisdom. 
Published 08/19/20
Joseph illuminates how witnessing the arising and passing away of phenomena can break the spell of enchantment and reorient our minds towards freedom.
Published 07/31/20
Joseph Goldstein shares his insight into two of the Buddha’s five hindrances - the seductive mind states of doubt and aversion.
Published 07/09/20
Joseph Goldstein shares his insight into different aspects of Right Speech, including the commitment to truthfulness, and refraining from gossip and useless talk.
Published 06/23/20
Joseph Goldstein answers questions about relative truth versus ultimate truth, how compassion is related to Metta, dealing with hurtful people, and much more.
Published 05/29/20
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Published 05/25/20
In this dharma talk, Joseph Goldstein explores connecting to our capacity for Metta, or loving kindness, and how we can work skillfully with fear as it arises.
Published 05/11/20
Joseph Goldstein reflects on the connection between art, science, and the meditative journey, and how we can move from the world of concepts to the world of direct experience.
Published 04/21/20