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  Everyone is touched by Menopause in one way or another.    It might be you, your partner or your mother.    Over the last year, I've been working on a project with 25 of the industry's best menopause practitioners to bring you a week-long, completely free event to help you learn about the most recent science around supporting people in menopause.    We'll be covering concepts from HRT to weight gain, from mood and sleep to cardiovascular health. It will be a complete one-stop experience to help you gain confidence (and feel hopeful) about this stage of life.    You can register for the event for free here. I'm incredibly proud to host these women who are standing up for better menopause care (that extends beyond a prescription).    If you have a friend in this stage of life, forward them this email. Seeing each of these practitioners individually wouldn't even be possible! We've brought them together to share their expertise and gift you the resources you need to have a healthy menopause transition.    Whether you're in your 40s and wondering what's coming or in your 60s and wondering what's next, this event will support you to have the most Modern Menopause possible.      I hope you are well and look forward to sharing with you at this premier event. 
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