Million Dollar Lover – Ep 4: Rewards of Love
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One of the consequences of the family falling out about Dave is that Carolyn has decided to take back control of her bank accounts from her daughter, Sally, who had always helped her Mum in the past. Carolyn’s daughters fear that she will start giving money to Dave and that there is nothing they can do about it. In the early days of the relationship, the daughters had got Carolyn and Dave to sign a legal agreement protecting her money and properties. But now they fear that the pair have effectively ripped up that agreement, which they are perfectly entitled to do. Could this be the start of the nightmare scenario they have been dreading ever since Dave moved into the family home? There is a childlike quality in Carolyn when it comes to Dave that does make her vulnerable. She guards him as if he is some kind of rare treasure and when he is out late drinking with friends, she sometimes sets out in the dark to find him. Her neighbour Marie, who cares for more than a dozen wealthy old women in Cayucos, says it is something she sees a lot. Marie warned Carolyn about Dave, but to no avail and soon she is pushed to the side-lines of Carolyn's life, powerless to act. With people in this idyllic Californian community left wondering whether Dave really a tender carer who will cherish Carolyn to the end as he promises, or is he a dangerous interloper who will fleece Carolyn – breaking her heart and her family? New episodes will be released on Thursday, wherever you get your podcasts. If you’re in the UK, listen to the latest full series of Intrigue first on BBC Sounds. It is presented by Sue Mitchell and scripted by Winifred Robinson. It's produced by Sue Mitchell and Joel Moors; the dramaturg is Flo Dessau and sound design is by Tom Brignall
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In this last programme of the series, the community of Cayucos is watching on and wondering how things will develop. Is there a way to handle a situation like this, where homelessness and wealth collide. Where a damaged man and a frail older woman come together to share a life? The unusual...
Published 12/21/23
Published 12/21/23
With Carolyn’s daughters powerless to act, it looks like Dave might be on the brink of a receiving a small fortune from his 80 year old lover, Carolyn. She has promised to take care of him and says that he is the best thing to happen in her life. Her daughters do not believe she is in her right...
Published 12/21/23