Harvard Psychology Prof: “STRESS Is The #1 Cause of DISEASE - Do THIS To HEAL!” | Dr. Ellen Langer EP 537
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Dr. Ellen Langer's decades of research shows our mindsets directly impact physiology, evidenced by her landmark study where elderly men regained youthful strength and cognition simply by living one week as their younger selves. She posits we must challenge the harmful tendency to cling to absolutes since external realities are constantly changing, so mindful awareness of novelty is key to wellbeing. Dr. Langer stresses that psychology, not just biology, will be the future of medicine as data continues to demonstrate that presuppositions shape our bodies, but most still fail to recognize mind-body unity. By revealing the fallacy of certainty, she hopes to revolutionize how we perceive and thus experience aging, illness and the inevitability of change.
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