Published 12/18/09
The perils of pilgrimmage, clubbing at Eid and a muslim power list. With Riazat Butt and David Shariatmadari
Published 11/24/09
Religious affairs correspondent Riazat Butt goes on a fact-finding mission to Germany
Published 10/28/09
Riazat Butt has some dietary advice for Ramadan, and we discuss Britain's black muslims
Published 09/11/09
Riazat Butt visits Muslims in Wales, and talks about the process of converting to Islam
Published 02/10/09
This month, Islamophonic teams up with the Sounds Jewish podcast to look at the impact the conflict in Gaza has had on British Jews and Muslims
Published 02/02/09
Riazat Butt travels to the Midlands to investigate the government's £86m fund to prevent violent extremism
Published 11/04/08
Riazat Butt is joined by Sunny Hundal to discuss Muslim marriage contracts, the centre for social cohesion, and tensions between Muslims and Sikhs.
Published 09/02/08
Riazat Butt travels to Istanbul to look at the Gulen movement and check out the country's designer headscarves
Published 06/23/08
This month, we say hello to the British Muslims for Secular Democracy. We talk about Islamaglamour and we meet Muslims who aren't Muslims but are but no but yeah but no
Published 05/15/08
Riazat Butt goes to Paris
Published 04/18/08
Riazat Butt discusses mosques, muslim handbooks and surveys
Published 03/20/08
Riazat Butt discuses the Muslim perspective on Shariagate, science, and re-writing the Hadith
Published 02/28/08
Riazat Butt with Zia Sardar on Blogging the Qur'an, Hajj, Wahabism, and the foreign secretary, plus Jason Solomons on our sister-cast Sounds Jewish
Published 01/17/08
Riazat Butt with neo-cons, comedians, sufi mystics and basketballers
Published 11/15/07
Riazat Butt on hojabis, cowboys and mosques
Published 10/12/07
Islamophonic US special: Riazat Butt on jerky, punk, and the muslim American dream.
Published 09/06/07
Riazat Butt talks on racism and homosexuality in the Muslim community.
Published 09/06/07
Riazat Butt on Graffiti, Darfur, and Muslims in the army.
Published 08/22/07
Riazat Butt talks to Omar Ali Khan about Lollywood,Irshad Ashraf shows us Karachi Uncovered, Lawrence Booth on Pakistani cricket and Neil Spencer has a Horoscope...
Published 08/15/07