E128 – Dragon Mastery – Draconic Creatures: Heads or Tails… Or Shells?
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In this episode of the It's A Mimic! podcast, Terry finally returns from cavorting around the multiverse, and joins Adam and Dan in the guildhouse to discuss Wyverns, Hydras, and Dragon Turtles!  As the panel of Dungeon Masters wade into the deep end of the conversation about the dragons-that-aren't-dragons, we learn that Terry has made some troubling new friends, Dan secretly has a new favourite monster, and Adam enjoys one really bad horror movie that no one else has seen.   Discussion Start 1:11 Wyvern 9:09 Hydra 34:55 Dragon Turtle 1:01:33 Wrap Up 1:25:14 Ironscale Hydra 1:27:23   Available On: iTunes | Spotify | Podbean | YouTube Don’t forget to Like/Follow/Subscribe/Whatever when you listen! Social: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Reddit Email: [email protected] Intro/Outro Music by: Cory Wiebe Logo by: Kate Skidmore
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