E130 – Off to the Races – Tieflings: Fiendish Tails of Lineage
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From diabolical histories to devilish features, Tieflings are the unwanted scoundrels of the Forgotten Realms in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.  But do they deserve the infamous reputations they’ve been given?  Why do players like them so much?  And how many different kinds are there, exactly?   Cold Open 0:00 Intro 0:45 Tieflings 4:12 History 9:41 Feral 12:07 Asmodeus 27:59 Baalzebul 29:03 Mephistopheles 32:09 Fierna 36:56 Glasya 41:50 Levistus 43:31 Dispater 48:50 Zariel 52:01  Mammon 55:02 Character Builds 58:10 Outro 1:06:17 Post-Credit 1:07:24 Bloopers 1:08:35   Available On: iTunes | Spotify | Podbean | YouTube Don’t forget to Like/Follow/Subscribe/Whatever when you listen! Social: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Reddit Email: [email protected] Intro/Outro Music by: Cory Wiebe Logo by: Kate Skidmore
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