E142 - Dragon Mastery - Alternative Dragon Powers: Life Beyond Breath
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Do the dragons of Dungeons and Dragons feel somewhat lackluster to you?  Well, in this week’s episode of the It’s A Mimic! podcast, the panel of Dungeon Masters look to a plethora of other sources for inspiration.  This includes one of the best third party sources for additional dragon shenanigans, as well as looking back to what previous editions of this beautiful game had to offer for our majestic winged lords of the skies.  With the information from this episode, you can now restore some of that luster that was so lacking from those impressive scales.   Cold Open 0:00 Intro 1:47 What's Missing From 5e 3:19 Matt Colville’s Gemstone Dragons 5:13 Commercial 41:41 4e Dragon Powers 44:18 Info Break 1:09:33 3.5e Dragon Powers 1:14:45 Outro 1:56:55 Post Credit 1:57:52 Bloopers 2:01:25   Available On: iTunes | Spotify | Podbean | YouTube Don’t forget to Like/Follow/Subscribe/Whatever when you listen! Social: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Reddit Email: [email protected] Intro/Outro Music by: Cory Wiebe Logo by: Kate Skidmore
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Published 11/30/21
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