#50 Friendships
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I've always been curious about the nature of friendships. So many of them are strong and true, yet their nature fluctuates when facing the tests of time. In this short recording, I talk about my thoughts on the matter.
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I understand that controlling your emotions and mastering them can be incredibly challenging. Emotions often overwhelm us, resembling a vast and powerful river or ocean in which we find ourselves drowning. We become deeply immersed in our feelings, whether it be happiness, sadness, anger,...
Published 05/30/23
In your life, you may often find yourself hesitating to do things you want to do, while gravitating towards familiar and less challenging tasks. It's important to recognize that this resistance comes from internal factors, driven by self-criticism and fear of negative outcomes. You may be engaged...
Published 05/24/23
Published 05/24/23