When she was a teenager Melissa Red Hoffman's father was killed by terrorists. Dr Hoffman recalls her father's death and how that has influenced her career and how she can identify with patients and their families at the most difficult moments. Read the story: The Sound of Silence—When There Are No Words
Published 05/11/20
Dr Christopher Muth discusses The Role of Hospice and Other Services with Dr Joanne Lynn
Published 11/07/19
Dr Christopher Muth discusses End-of-Life Care for Homeless Patients with Dr Margot Kushel
Published 08/01/19
Dr Christopher Muth discusses Responding to Requests for Physician-Assisted Suicide with Dr Paul Bascom
Published 04/04/19
Dr Christopher Muth discusses Spiritual Issues in the Care of Dying Patients with Dr Daniel P. Sulmasy
Published 12/06/18
Dr Christopher Muth discusses Physician Opportunities to Support Family Caregivers at the End of Life with Dr Joshua M. Hauser
Published 09/06/18
A New Model for Palliative Care: Helping the Patient Feel Valued: Interview with Dr Harvey Max Chochinov
Published 06/07/18
Dr Christopher Muth discusses Palliative Care in the Final Days of Life with Dr James Hallenbeck.
Published 07/06/17
Elaine C. Meyer discusses Sudden Traumatic Death in Children.
Published 12/01/16
Amy Thompson, MD, discusses Caring for the Child With Cancer at the Close of Life with Dr Craig A. Hurwitz.
Published 05/05/16
Dr Ed Livingston discusses Complexities in Prognostication in Advanced Cancer with Dr Elizabeth B. Lamont.
Published 10/09/15
Dr Ed Livingston discusses How to Talk to Patients With Limited Life Expectancy with Dr Nathan E. Goldstein.
Published 09/25/15
Dr Ed Livingston discusses Palliative Care for Patients With Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis with Dr Hiroshi Mitsumoto.
Published 09/03/15
Dr Ed Livingston discusses Palliative Care for Patients With Heart Failure with Dr Steven Z. Pantilat.
Published 09/09/14
Joan Stephenson, PhD, discusses Practical Considerations in Dialysis Withdrawal with Dr Lewis M. Cohen.
Published 07/01/14
Joan Stephenson, PhD, discusses Overcoming the False Dichotomy of Curative vs Palliative Care for Late-Stage HIV/AIDS with Dr Peter A. Selwyn.
Published 05/06/14
Joan Stephenson, PhD, discusses Alzheimer Disease with Dr Ann C. Hurley.
Published 02/04/14
Joan Stephenson, PhD, discusses Agitation and Delirium at the End of Life with Dr William Breitbart.
Published 12/05/13
Joan Stephenson, PhD, discusses Spinal Cord Compression in Patients With Advanced Metastatic Cancer with Dr Janet L. Abrahm.
Published 08/06/13
Joan Stephenson, PhD, discusses Palliative Management of Fatigue at the Close of Life with Dr Eduardo Bruera.
Published 04/02/13
Joan Stephenson, PhD, discusses Palliative Care for Frail Older Adults with Dr Kenneth S. Boockvar.
Published 12/04/12
Joan Stephenson, PhD, discusses Intractable Nausea and Vomiting with Dr Gordon J. Wood.
Published 10/01/12
Joan Stephenson, PhD, discusses Dyspnea with Dr John M. Luce.
Published 07/03/12
Joan Stephenson, PhD, discusses Acute Pain Crisis with Dr Natalie Moryl.
Published 04/09/12