enjoy this mess lol (inspired by the rankKING series by Eugene from the Try guys)
Published 06/19/21
watch us TRY and be helpful to our friends but fail miserably :]
Published 05/06/21
This episode we take a tour of medicre-advic-eville where ,i try my absolute best to be of use while answering concerns and questions submitted by you!
Published 04/29/21
Published 04/29/21
Today we're going to be talking about aesthetics more importantly my issues with them,let's take a walk.
Published 03/31/21
join jia as she talks about being basic and why it shouldnt be as big of a deal as it is 3
Published 02/27/21
we tried
Published 02/11/21
Hello you lovely, lovely people~ here's a small lil intro to the podcast and moi! Be gentle with your judgement, please. Im sensive. Also catch us on instagram @jammingwithjia.
Published 01/22/21