NOW AVAILABLE FOR YOUR EYES @ NFLUK on YouTube Week One of the NFL is in the books and Jason and Osi have their thoughts about players who can suck in the first game of the season...even Osi did! It's raining in London and everything stops. Plus Packers and Saints thoughts and all the usual J&O magic. UPRISE Clips and extras on @NFLUK A Shooting Shark Production for the NFL
Published 09/15/21
NOW AVAILABLE ON YOU TUBE....HERE! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UQ_9J1WMSWM Osi has failed! He PROMISED to get the podcast closed down, but here we are on EPISODE ONE HUNDRED, but the first one to watch IN FULL on YouTube.  The NFL is back and so are J&O with stories of London life, NFL memories and the brand new NFL Africa project. And they are back FACE to FACE. Check in to hear about the Jason & Osi  plans for the 2021  UPRISE Clips on @NFLUK A Shooting Shark Production for...
Published 09/08/21
Digging into the deep weeds this week as J&O discuss three big developing stories from the US, and pause for thoughts on the Rams, Lions and Patriots, and the Dallas Cowboys on Hard Knocks. @NFLUK for clips  UPRISE! A Shooting Shark Production for the NFL 
Published 07/08/21
It's onto Zoom again as Jason & Osi take on Euro 2020, Ronaldo, Taking the knee, Aaron Rodgers and get into YOUR questions in #ASKOSI and #ASKJBELL on social media. #UPRISE #imeatendtly Back in a fortnight...just after the semi-finals for EPISODE 99Clips @NFLUKA Shooting Shark Production for the NFL
Published 06/16/21
Jason & Osi are back to have their say on Naomi Osaka, Aaron Rodgers and knowing when it's time to leave...as in leave the VIP area in an ATL club. UPRISE!News and clips @NFLUKA Shooting Shark Production for the NFL 
Published 06/02/21
Jason & Osi react to the news that there will be two games in London in 2021. The boys break down the match ups and celebrate the long awaited return to LIVE action at Tottenham Stadium and the news that Tim Tebow is back in the conversation.Jason invents a new dinosaur...The CONDOSAUR....and Osi wears his hat at a sort of kooky angle. UPRISE in the off seasonClips @NFLUKA Shooting Shark Production for the NFL
Published 05/12/21
Jason & Osi with a BONUS episode to celebrate the 2021 NFL DRAFT.Osi has something HUGE brewing but that is something you will get the details on on a podcast real soon...This time it is all about the NFL DRAFT and the Bears, Jaguars, Dolphins, Browns and both the Giants & Jets get the J&O thumbs up. BACK NEXT WEEK WITH BIG STUFFUprise!Clips @NFLUKA Shooting Shark Production for the NFL 
Published 05/05/21
Jason & Osi are back with a mini draft preview as they delve into your questions on the best that 2021 has to offer...and it has a lot to offer. Enjoy your NFL DRAFT night, see the updates on @NFLUK and we hope your team gets the pick they want. Uprise.A Shooting Shark Production for the NFL 
Published 04/26/21
A huge 48 hours in sport and society, and the boys are here to give their thoughts on the two biggest news stories of the week...the verdict in the trial of the murder of George Floyd and the European Super League. Loads of Podcasters say it's a 'must listen' but let us tell you, this is a 'must listen'....And OSI wants to know what you think...so please tell him by posting in the reviews section of wherever you get this podcast from. It's probably down there ....BACK NEXT WEEK with an NFL...
Published 04/21/21
A LOT to get through...Jason & Osi are back with another OFF-SEASON EPIC and up for the J&O treatment: The 17 game season, NFL UK boss Alistair Kirkwood, Pouring cold water on Justin Fields, Aaron Rodgers as a Quiz Show host, Sam Darnold at the Panthers, Osi's 5-a-side ice baths and who would win a scuffle between Travis Kelce and a twelve foot goose? UPRISE!Clips on NFLUK social media channelsA Shooting Shark Production for the NFL 
Published 04/07/21
Deshaun Watson is OUT in Texas but not in the way anyone expected. Jason & Osi pick through the wreckage. Plus J Bell with a paparazzi story and a bumper ASKOSI and ASKJBELL mailbag. UPRISE!A Shooting Shark Production for the NFL 
Published 03/24/21
It's the morning after the night Dak got PAID and Meghan got INTERVIEWED. Jason & Osi have deep runs at the power plays from big name NFL stars and of course, Osi has met Price Harry. He just slips that in casually.  BACK IN TWO WEEKS Clips @NFLUK A Shooting Shark Production for the NFL 
Published 03/09/21
Say farewell to Season 4 of the Jason & Osi NFL Podcast. As we hit our off-season you have to hit SUBSCRIBE so you will get a notification when J&O return for more PODCASTS through until the 2021 NFL Season Kick-off. Our prediction...March...but how will you know if you don't SUBSCRIBE?! In the last episode of this season, Osi explains how he KNEW The Chiefs were going to lose, and the boys break down Tampa's win. Osi recalls the New York Giants Super Bowl parade and why the only...
Published 02/11/21
Osi gets to Tom Brady, not for the first time, and there is a sing along with Jason Pierre Paul as Jason and Osi do the Super Bowl from the comfort of their own homes. Early break-down to some keys to the game between The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs, plus some road stories from the Giants Super Bowl victories past from TWO TIME WINNER Osi Umenyiora. UPRISE! Clips all week on @NFLUK A Shooting Shark Production for the NFL
Published 02/02/21
The Super Bowl is known and Jason & Osi are here to break down how it went down, and it's painful listening for Cheeseheads. BIG Super Bowl preview NEXT WEEK.... this time the boys have Championship reflections, some early thoughts on the SB match-up and a deep dive into NFL hiring culture. UPRISE  Clips @NFLUK A Shooting Shark Production for the NFL 
Published 01/26/21
Jason & Osi reflect on THREE big topics....The NFL Divisional Round....The career of Osi's room mate Drew Brees...and the the other topic is going to come out weird when described here so just listen to the podcast. AND DO THIS! Tell us what you think! Post in the reviews section here or hit us up on twitter.  Clips coming on NFLUK social channels A Shooting Shark Production for the NFL
Published 01/19/21
Osi is worried about his disappearing cheekbones and that gets J Bell talking about a man who has no problems in front of the mirror, and there's a new nickname for Tom Brady as he goes into his first playoff game with Tampa Bay. The Bills, Browns and Packers get the Jason & Osi treatment as the boys break down the four divisional playoff match-ups.....and the attempted coup in Washington.....   Clips @NFLUK Uprise A Shooting Shark Production for the NFL
Published 01/13/21
HAPPY NEW YEAR  Jason & Osi are back ahead of the Wildcard games and break down all SIX matches. Jason asks Osi for his MVP runner-up and there are more fascinating behind-closed-doors insights from the New York Giants Locker Room.  And we discover why NFL players are banned from wearing hats in team meetings.  UPRISE 2021 Clips @NFLUK  BBC TV Show EVERY SATURDAY  A Shooting Shark Production for the NFL 
Published 01/05/21
Thanks you to all those who have downloaded, listened and subscribed, taking the Jason & Osi podcast past the million mark and back into the UK Top 10.  The Packers, Bills and the Washington Football Team get the J & O treatment on the last podcast on 2020. Jason asks Osi about the great Nigerian players in the NFL and there is a shocking story about a former team mate.  Uprise in 2021 Clips @NFLUK A Shooting Shark Production for the NFL
Published 12/30/20
The Bills, Browns, Ravens and Titans are all up for the Jason & Osi Podcast treatment, and the boys pay tribute to Justin Tucker. Osi wants the word 'Black' back and there is a tease for a big question in the ASKOSI / ASKJBELL postbag, so that will be in the podcast next week, along with YOUR questions...post on social media using the hashtags ASKOSI and ASKJBELL or better still, leave in the reviews section RIGHT HERE!  Clips on NFLUK social channels @NFLUK UPRISE! A Shooting Shark...
Published 12/15/20
The Steelers, Giants, Quarterbacks and Champions League racism rows all get the Jason & Osi treatment this week on a Wednesday record that was really most enjoyable. Osi tells Jason what it takes to win a Super Bowl, and there are some great ASKOSI and ASKJBELL questions. Plus for some reason Osi says something that cracks Jason up after about half an hour, although there is no way of telling what it is! Some video clips on @NFLUK plus another edition of the Locker Room coming up which...
Published 12/10/20
THE JASON & OSI PODCAST BONUS EPISODE Jason & Osi are back with a new series of special episodes of the podcast, where they sit down to chat with interesting and influential people. In the first episode of OVERTIME the guys connect with actor Nicholas Pinnock on set at the filming of his latest TV show FOR LIFE.  The actors craft, growing up internationally and the Black Lives Matter movement are among the talking points with Nicholas.  SUBSCRIBE for more episodes of OVERTIME...
Published 12/04/20
As the NFL season enters the final quarter Jason and Osi take a buzzsaw to the Bill Belichick Coaching Tree. Osi admits there is nothing he can teach Aaron Donald and there are stories from the New York Giants and a brief pass through Nigeria and Osi's education.  COMING THIS FRIDAY, a bonus episode featuring actor Nicholas Pinnock. SUBSCRIBE and you won't miss a single episode of the Jason & Osi Podcast.  For 15% OFF NFL GAME PASS use the DISCOUNT CODE JASONANDOSI15 Get your questions...
Published 12/02/20
GAMEPASS DISCOUNT CODE for 15% OFF JASONANDOSI15 Osi has been in pre-season for THANKSGIVING and pays tribute to Food. Jason is getting shade in the taxi and gets some social media tips from O. As the NFL season approaches its final month, the boys have their say on the Steelers, Dolphins, Bengals and Raiders and get to a couple of great questions from the ASKOSI and ASKJBELL social postbag. Get yours in now using those hashtags, or write in the reviews section RIGHT HERE and we will find...
Published 11/24/20
GAMEPASS CODE JASONADNDOSI15 Jason & Osi have stuff to say about Tua, the Arizona Hail Mary, Seattle's struggles and the Pursuit of Happiness. It's a QB heavy edition of the J&O Podcast but with added TV Show and book recommendations. UPRISE! Use ASKOSI & ASK JBELL for your questions or post them in the reviews section RIGHT HERE!  Clips @NFLUK  A Shooting Shark Production for the NFL
Published 11/17/20