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Now available IN FULL on NFLUK on YouTube Jason & Osi....we mean J Bell and 2 Times....talk high skill levels in the NFL and Osi gets humble about being an all-time New York Giants great. Jason gives a glimpse into his childhood and love for the game, but the podcast takes a turn in the second half when Osi asks some awkward questions....it's all here on the WEEKLY Jason & Osi Podcast. Uprise! Clips on @NFLUK A Shooting Shark Production for the NFL
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Published 12/01/21
ALSO AVAILABLE FOR YOUR EYES ON THE NFLUK YOUTUBE CHANNEL We start with Jason preoccupied by downloading an episode of Succession....to watch in FEBRUARY!!! Once we get over that hump, it's a discussion on what to do if you drop your cutlery in a restaurant, the resurgent New England Patriots...
Published 12/01/21
Jason & Osi are back!  Catch the podcasts on NFLUK on YouTube. There are questions, and there are some answers on this weeks Json & Osi Podcast. And pretty soon we will be opening Santa's sack and doing an ASK OSI and ASK J BELL podcast to clear up the backlog of what the people want to...
Published 11/24/21