Torah Lishma - The Vilna Gaon’s Approach
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Many assume that R Chaim Volozhin completely argues with the Tanya about how to understand Torah Lishma. In this episode, we take a closer look at the issue. We specifically look at a number of statements from the Vilna Gaon in Mishley that discuss the issue. How does this affect how we understand R Chaim Volozhin’s comments on the issue?   We also take a closer look at the custom of wearing hats and jackets for davening, and how people relate to this is a practical sense. Nach Yomi: Join R' Wittenstein’s Nach Yomi on WhatsApp. We learn a perek a day five days a week, with a nine minute shiur covering the key issues. Click here to join!  For tours, speaking engagements, or sponsorships contact us at [email protected] PRODUCED BY: CEDAR MEDIA STUDIOS  
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