Today, Joyce shares biblical stories that inspire generosity. Learn why it is better to give than to receive.
Published 04/19/24
Living under the leadership of the Holy Spirit will save you a lot of stress, trouble, and frustration. Learn why, and how you can find rest in God.
Published 04/18/24
We need God's wisdom and help to live a happy, productive life. Learn how to give up frustration and put your trust in God and His plan for you.
Published 04/17/24
When you're waiting on God to do something big in your life, are you calm and serene or anxious and worried? Learn how to be peaceful at all times.
Published 04/16/24
When we're tempted to complain about God's timing, it's vital to remember that He has a good plan for our lives. Learn how to enjoy life while you're waiting.
Published 04/15/24
Did you know that you can control what you think? Well, with God's help, you can! Today, Joyce teaches how as she wraps up this three-day series on Power Thoughts.
Published 04/12/24
Have you ever stopped to think about the importance of your thoughts? Today, Joyce discusses the first of 12 power thoughts and so much more.
Published 04/11/24
Are you ready to see positive changes in your life? Today, Joyce discusses the importance of your thought life and how with God's help, changing your mind can change your life.
Published 04/10/24
Failure is not fatal. Learn how to get over the guilt of making mistakes and enjoy the peace, joy, and the wonderful future God has planned for you.
Published 04/09/24
God loves you so much! Today, Joyce shares why it's so hard for some of us to believe it, and what God's love looks like in our everyday lives. You might be surprised!
Published 04/08/24
Knowing your identity in Christ allows you to serve God and others with true humility. Discover the beauty of being who you were created to be.
Published 04/05/24
We're free to be our true selves when we know who we are in Christ and are confident in His plans for our lives. Learn how to let your true self shine!
Published 04/04/24
Are you missing the good things in life because you're constantly worried? Today, Joyce shares the key to enjoying life and how to let go and wholly trust in God!
Published 04/03/24
Life can be unpredictable, but God is always faithful! Today, find out how to tap into God's unwavering support, found in the promises of His Word.
Published 04/02/24
When we receive Christ as our Savior, we are completely forgiven and "made right" with God. Learn how Christ's gift of righteousness can change your life, on this episode of Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer.
Published 04/01/24
Many believers fail to fully comprehend the extent of God's promises found in His Word. Today, discover the benefits of exchanging your old life for a new life in Christ.
Published 03/29/24
Do you want to be led by the Holy Spirit but you're not sure how that works? Today, Joyce joins Ginger and Erin for a conversation that will help you understand and be encouraged by the Holy Spirit.
Published 03/28/24
Who is the Holy Spirit? Today, Joyce joins Ginger and Erin for an important discussion about who the Holy Spirit is and how He wants to give you the grace you need for every challenge you may face.
Published 03/27/24
Are you properly dressed to do spiritual battle? Today, Joyce teaches on the importance of our words and how to fight the enemy and win by speaking the Word of God.
Published 03/26/24
Are you dressed for battle? Joyce shares insightful teaching about who our real enemy is, our spiritual clothing, and what believers need to do to win life's battles.
Published 03/25/24
Ever find yourself focusing on all the things you do wrong? Learn to love yourself and think about yourself the way God does.
Published 03/22/24
Travel with us to Thessaloniki, Greece, and into the very dark world of its red-light district. You'll meet "Rania," a former trafficking victim. Hear her story and celebrate her freedom.
Published 03/21/24
Do you believe what the Word of God says about you? Today, Joyce shares the rewards that are gained when we renew our thoughts and the way we talk.
Published 03/20/24
Can your thoughts and words really make a difference in your life? Discover the truth as Joyce explains the importance of our thoughts and words and the various ways they impact our lives.
Published 03/19/24