DreamTime #10: Rue and the Minotaurs
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Happy Monday, #LuridListeners! *Just a small warning: there is an element of nonconsent in this dream, so if that isn't for you, not to worry. I'll get you on the next episode. Having said that, I would encourage you to give the episode a try. If you are okay with nonconsent stories like Dracula, this one might be enjoyable too. Today's episode is a full story that's based on a Minotaur dream that I had back in January 2019! (Was there a movie out around then that featured a Minotaur, I can't remember, but I know I watched one.) This story features Rue, who has just been captured by the Crone Queen's Minotaurs. But Rue is fed up. She's finished being enslaved by the all-too-strict vampire-like Queen and decides to take matters into her own . . . um, hands? ;)  
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