No. 162 - 【EN】Unpacking Podcast with Eric Nuzum
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Welcome to Today's podcast, Today we welcome Cofounder of Magnificent noise Eric Nuzum to the show. Over the past 14 years, Eric has made podcasts that routinely top the charts, win awards, and generate hundreds of millions of downloads. He started NPR's podcasting efforts in 2005 and remained that effort's for the following decade, leading NPR to become the largest distributor of podcasts in the world.  Eric developed some of NPR’s most successful podcasts, and continued that record of success during his career at Audible. In 2019, he co-founded Magnificent Noise, a podcast production and creative consulting company based in New York City. Eric’s book on audio and podcast creation, titledMake Noise: A Creator's Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling, was released in December, 2019 in the United States and August 2023 with simplified Chinese version in Mainland china.  In this episode, I talked to Eric about his career with producing and podcasting, what makes a podcast successful, how to lead a creative team and the impact of AI in industry.  I really enjoyed chatting with Eric, he and I go way back to 2005, his book has really influenced me even before I met him and really deeply helped me overcome some unsolved problems. I find his work really impactful, and i found this discussion, which is an extension to his prior work of his book quite profound. So i think you'll really enjoy this podcast as well, and i hope you find it useful for your own life.  -Introduction 1. Who's Eric? 2. What's Eric's career path like with podcasting/producing? 3. Behind the scene story with -What makes a Podcast successful 4.What do you think makes a podcast successful? 5. How to avoid indistinguishable content when producing a podcast?  6. What to know with Interview?-Lead a creative team 7.What's Eric's leadership style? 8.Any mistakes you see a leader usually make? 9.Have you thought about giving up on podcast and content creating? How did you deal with ups and downs? 10. The impact of AI in industry. 
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