Yvonne Blenkinsop (pictured), Dr Margaret Carswell, Mikhail Vasenkov, Denise Coffey
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Matthew Bannister on Yvonne Blenkinsop, one of the four so-called 'Headscarf Revolutionaries' from Hull who campaigned for better safety regulations on fishing trawlers after three were lost at sea in 1968. Margaret Carswell, the doctor and ornithologist who treated survivors of the Ugandan civil war and in her spare time compiled the definitive guide to the country’s bird population. Mikhail Vasenkov, the Russian spy who assumed a South American identity and lived undercover in the United States for decades. Denise Coffey, the talented comic actor who made her name in the TV show 'Do Not Adjust Your Set'. Producer: Emily Finch Interviewed guest: Nell Carswell Interviewed guest: Grace Carswell Interviewed guest: Gordon Corera Interviewed guest: Dr. Brian W. Lavery Interviewed guest: Humphry Barclay Interviewed guest: Michael Coveney Interviewed guest: Miriam Margolyes Archive clips used: British Pathé, Hull - Trawlers Lost At Sea - Wives Demand Stricter Safety Measures 1968; BBC World Service, Witness - Hull's Headscarf Revolutionaries 12/02/2018; BBC TV, Look North - Yvonne Blenkinsop gets freedom of the city of Hull 20/12/2018; YouTube, Triple Trawler Disaster - Hull 1968; xeno-canto, XC292779 Speckled Tinkerbird / XC291649 Woodland Warbler; BBC World Service, Witness - The Fall of Idi Amin 29/04/2014; BBC News 24, Russia/US Spy Swap 09/07/2010; Rediffusion, Do Not Adjust Your Set Ep 05 25/01/1968; BBC Radio 4 Extra, Alison and Maud 20/05/2009.
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