That most rapturous of seasons shines its light on the dark recesses of Large in this whimsical instalment of the amateur radio equivalent of the never-ending summer holiday! Expect talk of scandalous bikinis, offensive sunburn and washout holidays, while Mike explains why he likes his meat black and crunchy on the outside, but pink and gristly on the inside.
Published 02/09/21
Once more into the breach, dear boy. The night the rest of the week pays penance to is the centrepiece here. Myth, intrigue and adventure...never has a night been so eulogised over. Like the invention of the teenager, Saturday night is a product of the modern West, and you'd best get yours before it's too late!
Published 01/30/21
Enjoy a forearm smash as our two greasy groomers refuse to play nice online. This discussion centres on the origins of idea exchanges, from Ancient Rome to chatrooms which might be more at home on the Tor network. Democratic free market exchange of ideas, or bubbling cesspit of cretinous cyber-bullies? You decide.
Published 01/25/21
Does any more need to be said? Cover your children's ears as Mike steers the car drunkenly towards the red light district for this show that was supposed to be about more than carnal indulgence.
Published 01/20/21
Come and indulge your juvenile fantasies, as our two garbage pail kids discuss the items that are more valuable than gold to a pre-teen! In one of the most captivating editions of this always infantile show, marvel at the sense of wonder and lost innocence in their voices, as Mike and Aaron lament the lost toys, and the sacks of coal they received every Christmas.
Published 01/12/21
Mike and Aaron play the elephants hiding behind the proverbial lamp post, as they attempt to go incognito in the show with more than meets the eye. More fun than walking into a bank wearing nothing but a ski mask.
Published 12/26/20
Join us for take-off in one of the vintage episodes! Man's fondest spiritual quest is scavenged upon from on high, as our two flappers fly too close to the sun and fall to earth with a thump, whilst often breaking into spontaneous song, strangely enough. There are also myriad amusing diversions involving hummingbirds, castle walls and, of course, the clown of the sea. Plus Mike suggests Pingu gets eaten by everything...although he might have got confused.
Published 12/21/20
Money lending is often the devil's work, and our two part-time advocates;; the Cynic and Sodomite, debate its moral and material consequences in this rapacious episode of the show without a soul. Leaving aside the fact that most money is simply digital numbers created with no intrinsic value, is it really morally just that a rich man can harvest an income from simply lending the less fortunate among us that which he needs to survive? Or is the world simply full of ignorant cretins with no...
Published 12/13/20
Better invest in some razor wire and patrolled watchtowers, as our two safety salamanders lay down your defences in the name of miseducation. If your idea of a safe night involves Mike enlightening you as to why his security career has never really got off the ground, and why he enjoys drinking his own urine, then this is the show for you!
Published 11/29/20
Who would have thought that such a trivial topic could provoke such furious arguments? You should know by now that nothing in Late Night Large world is trivial. Our two couch potatoes split proverbial hairs over tables and chairs, while hurling bedknobs and broomsticks at the kitchen sink, in this highly entertaining edition of the show that always strives to be part of your furniture.
Published 11/26/20
A particularly insightful edition asks the question: can one really hope to derive enjoyment from employment? Among the revelations gleaned from Jimmy Wales are the changing face of global employment over recent years, the endless power struggle between employer and employee, and whether our current system actually works for the majority. Expect disagreements and strong language!
Published 11/22/20
The two corpulent crazies talk who gobbles, skewers and spit-roasts what according to the law of the jungle. Man-eating dolphins, class war and evolutionary cannibalism all rear their tasty heads downwind from the herd as arrows whizz by. Enjoy all manner of predation and trophic cascades on this fabulous edition of the show that's always difficult to digest.
Published 11/16/20
Our two infantile idiots violate their parole and fake a CRB as they discuss the concept of siring children. What reasons could one have to add to the population, what age is sensible to start a family, and how do you react when your little progenies burn the house down when you're away? 
Published 11/07/20
When is a hoax just a prank? Find out the answer to this and many other questions in this edition of the show presented by everyone's favourite prank-monkeys. Bliss and Large get all Fortean Times on your ass, as the most notorious hoaxes of our times are on the agenda, including the Roswell landing and the Loch Ness Monster! The two troublemakers also ask the question many others would suffer a fatwah for...is organised religion the world's biggest hoax?
Published 10/30/20
Human beings are remarkable in their need to assign meaning to inanimate objects, and this show delves into that sordid fascination. Aaron endeavours to steer the stupefying stimulation intrigue towards less carnal aspects, questioning whether hoarding or hobbies can be described as fetishes, and why different people have such diverse objects that appeal to some mysterious subconscious craving, while Mike as usual only has his grubby mind on the bedroom.
Published 10/21/20
Try and ignore the deafening sirens and blinding red lights as you calmly make your way out of the building underneath the stampede of Large fans, deftly avoiding making things worse. Learn of the horrific origins of fire exits, how to get a cat out of a tree using only a crossbow, and how Mike got that scar on his arse in this classic episode.
Published 10/12/20
Take a bit of time off from rooting through the rubbish and sharing needles to hear the putrid pair's thoughts on cleanliness, and how close they are to godliness. Hear them touch upon the unrelenting pestilence of the Dark Ages! Imagine a world where people scoff at the notion of microscopic horrors trying to climb into your body and make you sick! Get right between the toes and behind the ears in this highly relevant episode.
Published 10/09/20
Sit back, relax and enjoy some of the punch, as our two charismatic charlatans urge you to join the away team and service their every whim in the name of salvation! Just what is it that compels people of otherwise sound mind to cast off their clothes, dignity and lives for the sake of someone you'd normally throw eggs at on speakers' corner? Listen on to find out!
Published 10/02/20
Sit back and stroke your octopussy menacingly as our two rogue agents revel in the movies depicting most men's fantasy character. They invite you to live and let die as they implore that the world is not (large) enough for them. Besides reliving all of the Bond films through the ages, there is enough lad humour to keep any roving spy on an all-time high. After all, nobody does it better.
Published 09/27/20
Hold on to your shirts as our brace of serial losers play fast and loose with loaded dice. It's not just about losing everything in games of chance though, as Aaron and Mike delve into the wider perspective of risk: is asking somebody out or quitting your job technically gambling? If so, perhaps even the devoutly sensible could stand to be a little more foolhardy, in pursuit of those true riches of fulfilment.
Published 09/21/20
Art imitating life imitating art imitating life imitating...something. Join our two musclebound grotesques as they discuss the bane of most of our entertainment-addled lives. Of course, Big Brother was not watching us, we were watching it...and getting very bored and murderous in the process. But there's also the small matter of watching police and ambulance crews deal with hurt and angry, angry people, as well as watching the bedraggled and disreputable strive to become members of the...
Published 09/16/20
Nature is pretty awesome, as the dopey duo discover on surveying the breadth of their dominion from atop a mighty hill. Among the traumatic topics on the agenda are burying excrement and making a treasure map for your kids to track it down, going commando among friends, and learning what a compass is for.
Published 09/10/20
Masks must be worn in this area. Our two whimpering underdogs get what's coming to them as they discuss the origins, progression and application of health and safety legislation. Is it an essential tool for worker protection, or an avenue for big compensation payouts? The two make much mirth at the misfortune of others, before coming to the conclusion that it's better for kids to be seriously injured than be denied a substandard bouncy castle.
Published 09/09/20
Our two plump gooses become prize stool-pigeons under the merest hint of pressure, as they get weak on crime and the causes of crime. Tonight we learn of the vegan-based execution method known as hummuside, that prefixing or bookending 'murder' to everything is perhaps how American crime dramas gained their massive popularity, whether the conditions of society create a culture of crime, and bear witness to Mike's flawed defence of consumer culture through a bad car. Hang the jury! It'd be a...
Published 08/30/20
Strap on the crash helmet, knee pads and adult nappy, as our two adrenaline junkies get more anecdotal than usual and delve into the palpitating prospect of extreme sports. Wrap yourself in tinfoil and climb onto the roof in a thunderstorm to listen on as a full variety of edgy pursuits are debated, while new classifications for extreme sports such as train baiting and drug dealing are pleaded for as Mike 'completes the circle'.
Published 08/26/20