What does Late Night Large have in common with disease? It's always growing. Whether it gives you the shakes, makes your skin fall off or eject your internal organs through your lower colon, /mike and Aaron want to discuss it. Preferably at the dinner table.  (Episode produced before Covid, so prescient as Hell too)
Published 12/30/21
Published 12/30/21
We all like to imagine our perverted voyeurism is somehow both sexy and vital to national security, so here our two creepers discuss the minefield of 'espiolarge'. Highlights include Mike terrifying children at the local swimming pool with his own brand of 'dumpster diving'...
Published 12/14/21
They may not have ever met their Prince Charming, lived under the sea or used sorcery to do the housework, but there is more than a little Pinocchio in Mike, and as for the story of his night with seven dwarves, that's best left untold. Our two cartoonish anti-heroes discuss the globe-straddling fairytale and merchandise behemoth that is Disney, its roots, legacy, and the dubious background of the man who made it all possible...
Published 11/22/21
If we don't get some shelter....we're gonna fade away. All hail the sink estates, yurts, yaodongs and bus shelters for providing a place to rest our weary heads that offers at least basic protection from the elements.
Published 11/12/21
Relax and knock back a few roofies as you enjoy this show devoted to mankind's restorative of choice. We spend one third of our lives asleep, so make sure you maximise the other two thirds with your favourite topical podcast!
Published 10/18/21
What sorcery is this? Sit back, relax and marvel as Magic Mike makes a rabbit appear from out of his trousers. Our two warlocks of whimsy wave their impotent wands around in honour of the art of illusion as they debate the meaning, morals and mysticism of show magic and the black arts.
Published 09/26/21
Tighten those screws, sharpen those blades and stoke those flames: it's time for torment. Like the sick, twisted abominations they are, our two executioner generals pick over the dead meat of suffering, and question why and how it has progressed to such a level. Weapons of choice, length of treatment and desired result are the aspects under the microscope.
Published 08/26/21
If you don't know your go-karting from your geo-caching, or your orienteering from your amethyst earring, then this is the show for you! Our two plucky pioneers wander lost in the desert for longer than the Hebrews as they seek to find their bearings, which you can bet it is mightily amusing.
Published 08/08/21
Anybody who's spent any period of time around Mike will doubtless require some form of therapy. The question is will they require their mind, body or soul rehabilitated? The various forms of professional healing are discussed to death in this thrilling episode.
Published 08/01/21
Listen on as our crafty cretins fail miserably to keep their hands to themselves, and explain how, in the far distant past, man rather than machine used to make things, and how a few hardy rustic folk still do.
Published 07/18/21
If all the people in the world camped out in your back garden, would you write and tell the King, or would you grab a tent and join them? Lay the table, boil the kettle and fling open the door for this genial slice of Large which surprisingly has nothing to do with accident and emergency.
Published 06/15/21
Our two idle wretches talk idols and retch in this plinth-mounted debate. Is any form of worship healthy or mutually beneficial? When does admiration beget infatuation beget obsession? All these questions and more will seek to be answered by our two anti-heroes with an unhealthy attraction to themselves.
Published 05/24/21
Why help others when you can't get your own life right? Do you really want other people to point out what you're doing wrong? And pay them for the pleasure? That might not seem enticing, but watching free video demonstrations on youtube can indeed prevent you mugging yourself off, so swings and roundabouts.
Published 05/13/21
Unlock the mysterious nightmare box and open the gates of Hell, as we delve into the labyrinth of the mind, and ponder over why man seeks to find words in jumbles of letters, or arrange numbers in a preordained sequence, never mind move little pieces of wood around a chequered board for hours.
Published 04/19/21
From a primal scream to a menacing whisper as you brandish the machete, there are many methods of conveying thoughts and ideas to our fellow humans. The motives are limitless and the means just as much. Are we trying to sell our recipient a product, or an idea? Are we attempting to kill them with kindness, or bullets? Or, as Mike so eloquently puts it: 'Am I eating it, fighting it or f***ing it?'
Published 04/04/21
Everyone wishes for subordinate underlings, but it's not so easy to house-train humans and convince them to follow you on a lead. Tonight's discussion centres on the cute, the smelly and the downright vicious animals that we share our homes and businesses with. Be prepared for skinny pigs, Satanic goats and pugs in little tuxedos dragging around miniature trailers with drinks and finger food on them.
Published 03/21/21
Live the dream by not washing for three days and sharing your toilet with thousands of people, as Mike and Aaron inhale and ingest everything they come across to frolic mindlessly in a field. What is it about festivals that brings diverse people together? Music? Camping? Beer? Free love? Listen on to find out.
Published 03/08/21
There will be no accusations, just friendly crustaceans. Setting sail on the storm-tossed seven seas in a pea-green boat, our resident owl and pussycat navigate around effulgence and floating shards of consumer waste as they deliberate the topography and beasties residing beneath the surface of the seventy-something percent of our planet we can't possibly live on.
Published 02/26/21
Slap on some teak tan and bleach those pearly whites, it's time to see what you could have won! Up there with finest editions, this Late Night Large delves into the nostalgic and often hilariously cringey UK gameshow archives. Cheesy hosts; iconic catchphrases; dim contestants; fabulous prizes; they're all here! Sidestep to your left, Simon.
Published 02/14/21
That most rapturous of seasons shines its light on the dark recesses of Large in this whimsical instalment of the amateur radio equivalent of the never-ending summer holiday! Expect talk of scandalous bikinis, offensive sunburn and washout holidays, while Mike explains why he likes his meat black and crunchy on the outside, but pink and gristly on the inside.
Published 02/09/21
Once more into the breach, dear boy. The night the rest of the week pays penance to is the centrepiece here. Myth, intrigue and adventure...never has a night been so eulogised over. Like the invention of the teenager, Saturday night is a product of the modern West, and you'd best get yours before it's too late!
Published 01/30/21
Enjoy a forearm smash as our two greasy groomers refuse to play nice online. This discussion centres on the origins of idea exchanges, from Ancient Rome to chatrooms which might be more at home on the Tor network. Democratic free market exchange of ideas, or bubbling cesspit of cretinous cyber-bullies? You decide.
Published 01/25/21
Does any more need to be said? Cover your children's ears as Mike steers the car drunkenly towards the red light district for this show that was supposed to be about more than carnal indulgence.
Published 01/20/21
Come and indulge your juvenile fantasies, as our two garbage pail kids discuss the items that are more valuable than gold to a pre-teen! In one of the most captivating editions of this always infantile show, marvel at the sense of wonder and lost innocence in their voices, as Mike and Aaron lament the lost toys, and the sacks of coal they received every Christmas.
Published 01/12/21