Late Night Linux – Episode 159
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A simple FOSS way to share your mouse and keyboard across multiple machines, and a handy command line tool to find duplicate files. Plus your predictions for 2022 including gaming, GNOME, Firefox, Raspberry Pi, and PipeWire.   Discoveries Barrier rdfind A CPU implemented in a modular synthesizer   Feedback CalyxOS and a site to check... Read More
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Graham plays with a synth, old desktops live on, Generation X11 yells at cloud, Will has been a naughty boy, TV alternatives, and Linux on weird hardware.   Discoveries Surge XT synth The Unity desktop is still alive (as is Trinity) 10 hours of a hairdryer noise Star Trek TNG bridge noise  ...
Published 05/16/22
The Mars Helicopter might be on its way out but it’s still a hero, bad things are happening to the UK Internet and we blame the government, whether software can ever be finished, some great discoveries, KDE Korner, and more.   News Martin Wimpress has joined Linux Downtime as a co-host Mars...
Published 05/10/22