Late Night Linux – Episode 176
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The Mars Helicopter might be on its way out but it’s still a hero, bad things are happening to the UK Internet and we blame the government, whether software can ever be finished, some great discoveries, KDE Korner, and more.   News Martin Wimpress has joined Linux Downtime as a co-host Mars helicopter spots wreckage... Read More
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Arch is really easy to install now, Graham uses his keyboard as a mouse, replacing expensive security platforms with FOSS, silly AI pictures, and Will baffles us with electronics technobabble. Plus feedback about all sorts, including a chance to hear the noise that sends Joe to sleep.  ...
Published 06/13/22
The usual love for the Mars helicopter and KDE, rare praise for Mozilla, and fingers pointed at DuckDuckGo and Brave. Plus apprehension about Broadcom’s VMware acquisition, and Intel’s new “features”.   News Alex’s London meetup is going to be a day earlier than originally planned. He’s still...
Published 06/07/22