Late Night Linux – Episode 204
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Python comes to Arduino, a look at the new version of Fedora Silverblue, Linux helps Windows work with old printers, running your own Mastodon instance, remastering Ubuntu ISOs, and more. With guest host Alan Pope (popey).   News Arduino Announces Official MicroPython Support Announcing Fedora Linux 37 OpenPrinting keeps old printers working, even on Windows... Read More
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The Mars Helicopter continues to amaze, aviation nerds get burned, Google lays off loads of open source people, running a Mastodon instance isn’t for everyone, KDE Korner, and more.   News Mars helicopter Ingenuity aces 40th Red Planet flight JETNET Acquires ADS-B Exchange Feeding to
Published 01/31/23
Recovering data from a broken SSD, configuring the lights on a new keyboard, trying stock Android on a Pixel 7, easily blocking ads with DNS, playing with 3D models of ancient museum pieces, and more.   Discoveries testdisk Félim’s new keyboard g810-led Pixel 7 Public AdGuard DNS server Nefertiti...
Published 01/23/23
Published 01/23/23