Late Night Linux – Episode 229
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Thunderbird shows that asking users for money works, Red Hat’s priorities seem to be moving away from the community, Mozilla is set to show the Fediverse how it’s done, Mastodon simplifies its onboarding experience, Linux is better than Windows on handhelds, Roblox stops working for us, a peek at the upcoming Plasma 6 release, and... Read More
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Sorting Python imports, searching open tabs and history etc in Firefox, configuring proprietary headsets on the command line, Fedora on an M1 Mac, digital archaeology, Slackware on easy mode, Félim fails at Linux, and loads more.   Discoveries isort Firefox search hints HeadSetControl Asahi...
Published 09/18/23
Published 09/18/23
The Steam Deck pushes Linux gaming stats over a small but significant threshold, why you should definitely switch from Chrome to Firefox, Microsoft throws its legal weight behind its generative AI, a quick KDE Xorner, and more.   Support us on Patreon and get an ad-free RSS feed with early...
Published 09/12/23