Late Night Linux – Episode 247
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Sorting Python imports, searching open tabs and history etc in Firefox, configuring proprietary headsets on the command line, Fedora on an M1 Mac, digital archaeology, Slackware on easy mode, Félim fails at Linux, and loads more.   Discoveries isort Firefox search hints HeadSetControl Asahi Fedora Abort Retry Fail Another Abort Retry Fail Regolith 3.0... Read More
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An improvement to apt, a quick terminal tip, reverse-engineering Bluetooth devices with Android, an M1 Macbook Asahi update, a self-hosted way to bypass paywalls, making native apps out of web pages, bridging Zigbee devices to MQTT, a terrible way to back up photos and videos from a phone, Félim...
Published 11/27/23
Published 11/27/23
A new version of the Steam Deck looks to be a nice improvement, Amazon’s new Linux-based OS is probably bad news for Fire TV hackers, great news for GNOME, Signal tells us how expensive it is to run its service, GitHub goes all in on Copilot, our speculation about the OpenAI drama, and a mini......
Published 11/21/23