The Pipeline To The Legal Profession
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The Pro Say podcast is taking a break this week for the holiday. In its place, please enjoy Law360 Explores: The Law School Promise, a two-part series looking at whether the structures of legal education are working. In Episode 1 we start with the rigorous admissions process that includes not just letters of recommendation and statements of purpose, but the notoriously arduous LSAT exam. An exceptional score can open doors at the nation’s most prestigious universities, but is it the fairest way to measure candidates’ potential? We investigate whether the law school admissions process makes sense, and whether a system that emphasizes a test score so heavily is leaving qualified law school applicants behind.
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The Supreme Court justices return to the bench on Monday for a new term that’s shaping up to be an impactful one, with issues ranging from gun ownership rights in domestic violence cases, to the legality of administrative courts and the First Amendment implications of public officials blocking...
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