Ep.94 with Nino Yuniardi
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In the conversation with Nino Yuniardi, you’ll learn how to create a foreground, middle ground and background in your non-representational work, how to get more depth when working with a single color, and why sometimes you just have to jump in and make a mess… plus a whole lot more.  Special Mini Episode: How to Find YOU in Your Art Process While there’s no Extended Cut with this episode, there is a special Mini Episode Bonus all about finding the YOU in your artwork. Knowing what your preferences actually ARE is a big part of abstract work… but really any work as an artist. It’s definitely a big part of Yuniardi’s work. You can find it here at the Podcast Art Club.  ---Each week, discover 3 ideas you can put to work in your next painting. Sign up for free here: www.learntopaintpodcast.com/newsletter Support the show
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